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Atrium Health Employee Benefits and Perks 2023

Atrium Health cares about the physical, financial, and personal health of teammates and their families by offering market-competitive compensation and benefits programs.

The Atrium Health Employee Benefits Programs include contemporary healthcare and retirement plans, competitive compensation, career development opportunities, and resources, to assist in professional and personal matters.

While the benefits you receive will depend on the location where you work, Atrium Health is proud to offer a robust suite of benefits to give you the support you need to bring your whole self to work each day.

If you are looking forward to obtaining a job position in this company, then this article may be able to give you helpful insight regarding the benefits of working there.

Atrium Health Employee Benefits

Read the following guide to find out all the essential details on Atrium Health Employee Benefits Packages.

Atrium Health Employee Benefits 2023

Atrium Health is a hospital network that commits to helping its employees build better work-life lives by investing in their financial, well-being, and health areas.

To stay true to its commitment, the company provides market-competitive compensation and benefits programs.

Atrium Health Employee Benefits Packages aim to take care of the physical, financial, and personal health of teammates and their families. It also helps the employees promote productivity and improve their work-life balance.

To be eligible to receive employee benefits provided by Atrium Health, you have to be either a part-time or a full-time employee there.

Each benefits package offered depends on your employment status, your job position, and your service length.

Check out below for what Atrium Health employees and their dependents are eligible for.

Health and Well-Being | Medical, Dental and Vision

It’s Atrium Health’s mission to improve health, elevate hope, and advance healing – for all; including our teammates.

Atrium Health cares for your health by offering a variety of benefit programs for you and your family’s needs.


Financial health impacts all dimensions of your well-being – physical, financial, and personal.

To help you and your family be financially well, Atrium Health offers ways you can save for your future.

Additional & Income Protection Benefits | Life, Disability Insurance & more 

Life happens and we have to manage unexpected events that may impact our finances.

Atrium Health offers a variety of income protection and additional benefits to help you protect your income in the event of an emergency or unforeseen event.

Time Away From Work | Leave of Absence & Paid Time Off

Atrium Health cares about the health of its teammates just as it cares about the health of the communities they serve.

To help you recharge and recover, Atrium Health offers time away from work programs.


The Compensation program consists of performance-based annual salary adjustments and incentive pay programs.

Atrium Health 401K

After three months of service, you automatically will be enrolled in the Atrium Health 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan at a pretax contribution rate of 3% of eligible compensation.

These contributions will be matched by Atrium Health based on how much you contribute.

Atrium Health matches your contribution on each paycheck in which you contribute – up to limits determined by the IRS. Catch-up contributions are not matched.   

Key Points About the 401(k) Plan

  • You can contribute both pre-tax and post-tax dollars into your 401(k) up to 75% of your pay or the IRS contribution maximum ($20,500 in 2022)
  • Your 401(k) account is portable; if you leave Atrium Health, you can take your account with you
  • Account investment growth is tax-free until you withdraw funds during retirement
  • Atrium Health provides a contribution match and employer contribution


Hardship withdrawals are available for emergencies as defined by the plan.

Limited to the following:

  • Secondary Education Expenses
  • Medical Expenses
  • Prevention of Eviction
  • Home Purchase

In-service withdrawals are available for teammates aged 59 1/2 years or older.

Atrium Health Employee Login using Myhr Atrium Health

Follow the steps below for Myhr Atrium Health Login –

  • Visit the official site of Myhr Atrium Health from here.
  • Now, you will be redirected to the Atrium Health Employee Login page.

Myhr Atrium Health

  • Type in your Username in the first box.
  • Now, enter a valid password in the second empty box.
  • Entering both, click on Sign In to access your account.

Now, you will be taken to the page belonging to your employee information and you can access them at your pace.

From here, you can view various work-related information and perform many tasks online featured by Atrium Health Myhr.

Contact Atrium Health Human Resources

Contact the Benefits Service Center at 704-631-1500, and choose Option 1.

For wage verifications, please direct verifiers to contact the Monthly Payroll department directly by sending an email to

For additional assistance, or to request a Verification of Employment letter, please contact the HR Service Center by emailing or 704-631-1500.

Atrium Health Human Resources Phone Number

704-631-1500choose Option 1. Email HR Service Center.

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