Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes Prices, Models & How to Order?

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Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes Prices 2023

Known for selling ice cream shakes, smoothies, hot dogs, and hamburgers, Dairy Queen is also an ideal place to get cakes from.

Founded in 1940, it serves a variety of frozen treats such as soft serve Ice Cream, as well as food.

Dairy Queen also offers a selection of cakes for your special time while you are out for dining.

Dairy Queen cakes hold a yummy mixture of ice cream, cookies, candy, cake, and frosting that makes any party even more special.

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes Prices in 2023 range between $20 to $35 depending on the size and style of the cake you select.

In this article, I will tell you Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes Prices for various types of Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes suitable for baby showers, birthdays, graduation or small wedding parties.

 Keep reading to find out the cost for any specific type of cake found at Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes Prices – How much Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes?

Below are the latest Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Prices in 2023 –

Cake Type Price

Dairy Queen Round Cakes

8 Inch Round Cake $22.99
8 Inch Round Blizzard Cake $25.99
10 Inch Round Cake $25.99
10 Inch Round Blizzard Cake $28.99

Dairy Queen Sheet Cakes

Full Sheet Cake (10″ x 14″) $30.99
Full Sheet Blizzard Cake (10″ x 14″) $33.99

Dairy Queen Specialty Cakes

9 Inch Heart Shaped Cake $22.99
9 Inch Heart Shaped Blizzard Cake $25.99
Log Cake $19.99

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes Modes and Types

Founded in 1940, Dairy Queen is soft-serve ice cream and fast-food chain owned by International Dairy Queen Incorporated.

Headquartered in Edina, Minnesota, the company serves a wide variety of frozen products like ice cream, milkshakes, malts, dilly bars, slush, banana splits, curly tops, freezes, hot fudge, burgers, blended coffee drink, sundaes, and much more

Dairy Queen also offers a selection of cakes for your special time while you are out for dining.

Each outlet has a variety of readymade cakes best suitable for parties, celebrations, and baby showers.

In some locations, you can also request customized messages on your cakes.

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Dairy Queen Birthday Cakes

If you’re looking for a traditional cake for a small party, then Dairy Queen birthday cakes best fitted for you found as low as $20.

Dairy Queen birthday cakes price increases on ordering a bigger sheet cake or a double-layered cake.

Most Dairy Queen locations have enough cakes coated with icing shaped such as “Happy Birthday” messages to make parties look cheerful.

To make your cake extra festive, you can also purchase birthday candles to add to any cake.

Dairy Queen Baby Shower Cakes

Most Dairy Queen cakes don’t have particular baby shower designs, but there are few options for celebrating a new baby.

Many locations offer pastel cakes finished with roses or congratulating messages, purchased for larger baby showers.

If possible at your local store, you can also include a message welcoming the new baby to the world.

Dairy Queen also sells cute little cupcakes adorned with flowers that look charming at a baby shower, easy to serve to individual guests. 

If you’re having a buffet at your baby shower, ordering a few loaf cakes from Dairy Queen is a great idea for you. So, party guests can snack on distinct flavours of cake.

Dairy Queen Wedding Cakes

Dairy Queen does not particularly make or design wedding cakes. Though, there are a few cakes that work well for a casual wedding. 

Better to contact your local Dairy Queen and ask them, if they’re willing to make an exception. 

When Dairy Queen begins offering we will update this website with Dairy Queen wedding cake prices.

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How to Order Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes?

Dairy Queen makes cake ordering very convenient for its patrons. 

You can place an order online and have it delivered right to your residence if you are close enough to a Dairy Queen store.

Dairy Queen Cakes can also be bought directly from the store during their opening times.

If you want a specific style of cake, it is always a good idea to call them a few days in advance and make sure they have it in stock.

To learn more about Dairy Queen cake orders, call the Dairy Queen customer support line at (424) 558-3958. 2390.

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Types

There are many great Dairy Queen ice cream cakes available –

Regular Cakes

  • Sheet Cake
  • Round Cake
  • Log Cake
  • Heart Cake

Blizzard Cakes

  • Oreo
  • Reese Peanut Butter Cups
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Chocolate Xtreme

Treatzza Pizza

  • Choc Brownie
  • M&M
  • Reese Peanut Butter Cups

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What flavors of ice cream cake does Dairy Queen have?

DQ® Blizzard® Cakes
  • OREO® Blizzard® Cake.
  • Choco Brownie Xtreme Blizzard® Cake.
  • Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup BLIZZARD® Cake.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard® Cake.

How long does a Dairy Queen ice cream cake last?

A whole ice cream cake has a relatively short life even when you keep it in the freezer and store it properly. It is only good for a maximum of 7 days.

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Dairy Queen Ice Cream offers a genuine type of premade cake with designs that suit different party themes. These affordable cakes are an excellent way to feed a lot of people and revel a special time on a budget.

Have you bought a cake from Dairy Queen Ice Cream before?

Comment below to share your thoughts.

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