Red Ribbon Cakes Prices, Coupons, & How to Order?

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Red Ribbon Cakes Prices, Coupons, & How to Order?

Red Ribbon Cakes Prices 2023 – Red Ribbon is one of the fastest-growing bakeshops in the Philippines.

Established in 1979, now it has 450 stores across the country and about 30 stores in the United States.

Red Ribbon offers a selection of cakes for your special time while you are out for dining.

Red Ribbon cakes hold a yummy mixture of ice cream, cookies, candy, cake, and frosting that makes any party even more special.

Red Ribbon Cakes Prices range between ₱200 to ₱900 depending on the size and style of the cake you select.

In this article, I will tell you Red Ribbon Cakes Prices for various types of Red Ribbon Cakes and Pastries Menu suitable for baby showers, birthdays, graduation or small wedding parties.

Red Ribbon Cakes Price List

 Keep reading to find out the cost of cakes and pastries found at Red Ribbon.

Red Ribbon Cakes Prices (Red Ribbon Cakes Menu)

Below is the Red Ribbon Cake Price and Pastries Menu.

Types Prices

Red Ribbon Prices for Round Cakes

Yema Caramel ₱700
Mango Sunrise ₱700
Black Forest ₱590
Rocky Road ₱600
Ube Bloom ₱575
Peach Mango Symphony ₱600
Cappuccino Creme ₱600
Chocolate Mousse ₱510
Chocolate Indulgence ₱590
Tiramisu Meltdown ₱580
Dulce de Leche ₱570
Caramel Crunch ₱570

Red Ribbon Prices for Roll Cakes

Whole Half
Triple Chocolate ₱300 ₱200
Ube ‘n Cream ₱320 ₱220
Mango ₱320 ₱220
Mocha ₱300 ₱242
Chocolate Caramel ₱352 ₱242
Brazo de Mercedes ₱396 ₱286

Red Ribbon Prices for Square Cakes

Junior Regular Large
Rainbow Dedication ₱385 ₱550 ₱900
Chocolate Dedication ₱355 ₱500 ₱800
Mocha Dedication ₱355 ₱500 ₱800
Cookies and Cream Dedication ₱500 ₱680 N/A

Red Ribbon Prices for Pastries

Below is the Red Ribbon Prices for Pastries Menu.

Cheesy Ensaimada ₱25
Butter Mamon ₱20
Cheesy Mamon ₱28.60
Choco Cake Slice ₱25
Ube Marble Cake Slice ₱25
Red Velvet Cake Slice ₱25
Chiffon Cake Slice ₱25
Double Dutch Cake Slice ₱25
Moist chocolate Slice ₱22
Taisan Slice ₱25.30
Banana Crunch Slice ₱22
Chicken Empanada ₱33
Baked Chicken Empanada ₱33
Classic Polvoron ₱110
Peanut Polvoron ₱60.50
Pinipig Polvoron ₱60.50
Butter Puto ₱78.10
Macaroons ₱67.10
Chocolate Crinkles ₱28.60
Macapuno Balls ₱60.50
Pastillas de Leche ₱71.50
Cinnamon Roll ₱34.10
Raisin Bread Rolls ₱71.50
Chocolate Bread Rolls ₱71.50
Classic Bread Rolls ₱71.50
Taisan Loaf ₱97.90
Moist Choco Loaf ₱97.90

How to Red Ribbon Order Online?

Red Ribbon makes cake ordering very convenient for its patrons. 

You can place an order online and have it delivered right to your residence if you are close enough to a Red Ribbon Bakeshop.

Red Ribbon can also be bought directly from the store during their opening times.

If you want a specific style of cake, it is always a good idea to call them a few days in advance and make sure they have it in stock.

To learn more about Red Ribbon Bakeshop orders, call the Red Ribbon customer support line.

Does Red Ribbon have the same menu all over the Philippines?

No, some stores and third party delivery websites vary their menu depending on location.

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Red Ribbon Bakeshop Contact Information

Phone: 8-7777

Address: 84 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines



Red Ribbon Delivery Hotline

Some stores also have pick-up and delivery options. You can order through their FB Messenger Ordering service for pick up and delivery or call their delivery hotline #8-7777.

Red Ribbon Online Delivery Information

To get your order on your doorstep, use any party delivery website like Grab FoodFood PandaLalaFood or order via red ribbon Facebook Messenger.

How can I call Red Ribbon delivery?

Landline: +02 8 982 5000 local 4152/4225


Red Ribbon Cakes Price List FAQ

Does Red Ribbon customize cakes?

Unfortunately, Red Ribbon does not offer customized designs. Red Ribbon does offer quarter-sized Dedication Cakes available in your local Red Ribbon Bakeshop that are specially designed to have your own personalized message.

How much is Yema cake at Red Ribbon?

The Yema Caramel Cake regular size price starts at 700 pesos while the junior size starts at 490 pesos.

How much is rocky road cake in red ribbon?

Red Ribbon is celebrating Father’s Day with the new and improved Rocky Road Cake (P600), Black Forest Cake (P580), and Choco Mousse (P500).

Does Red Ribbon accept GCash payment?

Yes, you may pay for your favorite Red Ribbon cakes and pastries safely and conveniently with GCash! Just Scan to Pay using the GCash app when you order for take-out and self pick-up in selected stores.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop Near Me Locations


Red Ribbon Bakeshop offers a genuine type of premade cake with designs that suit different party themes.

Have you bought a cake from Red Ribbon Bakeshop before?

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