Waitrose Cakes Prices, Models & How to Order?

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Waitrose Cakes Prices 2023

Waitrose & Partners is a brand of British supermarkets known for providing high-quality food and excellent customer service.

Founded in 1904 as Waite, Rose & Taylor, it is recognized as one of the best places to purchase all of your grocery items.

Waitrose also offers an extensive selection of cakes for your special occasion while you’re shopping for normal groceries. Each Waitrose store features a variety of ready-to-made cakes suitable for parties, celebrations, and baby showers.

Waitrose Cakes Prices in 2023 range between £5.00 and £20 depending on the size and style of the cake you select.

In this article, I will tell you all about Waitrose Cakes Prices for various types of Waitrose cakes suitable for birthdays, baby showers, graduation or small wedding parties.

Waitrose Cakes Prices – How much are Waitrose Cakes?

Below are the latest Waitrose Cake Prices in 2023 –

Cake Type Price

Waitrose Round Cakes

Round Chocolate Cake (Serves 12) £7.00
Round Decorate Your Own Cake (Serves 12) £6.00
Round Happy Birthday Cake (Serves 12) £9.00
Round Party Cake (Serves 10) £9.00

Waitrose Sponge Cakes

Chocolate Cake (Serves 10) £5.50
Iced Golden Sponge Cake (Serves 12) £8.00
Ice Chocolate Sponge Cake (Serves 12) £8.00
Butterflies Sponge Cake (Serves 12) £20.00
White Blossom Sponge Cake (Serves 12) £16.00

Waitrose Specialty Cakes

Caterpillar Cake (Serves 8) £6.00
Lucky Lamb Cake (Serves 10) £9.00
Butterfly Cake (Serves 12) £7.00
Parcel Cake (Serves 12) £9.00
Character Cakes (Serves 8) £10.00
Champagne Congratulations Cake (Serves 12) £20.00

Waitrose Cakes Modes and Types

Waitrose cakes are made in only a few categories but a lot of flavors and decorative styles are available.

Loaf and ring cakes come in many popular flavors including raspberry, coffee, red velvet, and lemon, and are enough to serve people for a small party.

Waitrose Round and sheet cakes are made in more neutral flavors such as white, yellow, and chocolate and are better for big parties and functions.

The larger party cakes at Waitrose are decorated with celebratory messages, popular characters, and floral and geometric designs.

In some locations, you can also request customized messages on your cakes.

Waitrose Cakes Prices

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Waitrose Birthday Cakes

If you’re looking for a plain cake for a small party, then Waitrose birthday cakes best fit for you found as low as £5.

Waitrose birthday cake prices increase if you order a bigger sheet cake or double-layered cake.

Most locations have cheerful cakes decorated with icing shapes such as presents, balloons, or “Happy Birthday” messages, making parties look cheerful. 

Waitrose also offers licensed characters available on birthday cakes for your themed party.

Make your cake extra festive by purchasing birthday candles.

Waitrose Baby Shower Cakes

Waitrose cakes don’t have specific baby shower designs, but there are several options for celebrating a new baby.

Many locations offer pastel cakes decorated with roses or congratulatory messages, purchased for larger baby showers.

If possible at your local store, you can also include a message welcoming the new baby to the world.

They also sell cute little cupcakes decorated with flowers that look adorable at a baby shower, easy to serve to individual guests.

If you’re having a buffet at your baby shower, ordering a few loaf cakes from Waitrose is a great idea for you. So, party guests can snack on distinct flavors of cake. 

Waitrose Graduation Cakes

Graduating is a big feat that should always be celebrated. 

Even if it is not in your budget, a fine family dinner is a great way to celebrate.

Finishing the meal with one of Waitrose’s cakes makes the dinner feel like a  special celebratory meal that it is.

Decorate your Waitrose cake with the graduate’s name, year, or feat to let them know that you cared enough to have the cake prepared in advance just for them.

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Waitrose Wedding Cakes

Unfortunately, Waitrose is not offering any wedding cakes at this time.

So, better to contact your local Waitrose and ask them if they’re willing to make an exception. 

When Waitrose begins offering wedding cakes we will update this website with Waitrose wedding cake prices.

How to Order Waitrose Cakes (Waitrose cakes to order)

Waitrose makes cake ordering very convenient for its customers. 

You can place an order online and have it delivered right to your house if you are close enough to a Waitrose store.

Waitrose Cakes can also be bought directly from the store during their opening times.

If you want a specific style of cake, it is always a good idea to call Waitrose a few days in advance and make sure they have it in stock.

Contact Waitrose customer service

Waitrose Toll-Free Number: 0800 188 884

Cook Well Waitrose Customer Service Number: 03452 661 410

Gift Cards Waitrose Customer Service Number: 03301 230350

Head Office Address: Waitrose Ltd, Doncastle Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 8YA, United Kingdom.

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Waitrose offers a good variety of premade cakes with decorations that suit different party themes.

These affordable cakes are an ideal way to feed a lot of people and celebrate a special occasion on a budget.

Have you purchased a cake from Waitrose before? Comment below to share your thoughts.


Who bakes Waitrose cakes?

Fiona Cairns Bakery.

Who makes Waitrose wedding cakes?

Fiona Cairns, Britain’s celebrated cake maker, has been creating bespoke cakes for Waitrose for over 17 years.


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