SeaWorld Orlando Florida – The Complete Guide

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SeaWorld Orlando Prices 2023

SeaWorld Orlando is one of the most thrilling parks that pleases adults and children.  Read on for SeaWorld Orlando prices, tips, and tricks to plan a trip that will make lasting memories for your family. 

SeaWorld Orlando Florida offers the perfect chance to experience aquatic wildlife, knuckle rides and water adventures, unlike those at the other theme parks. Here you can experience famous shows with dolphins, fur seals, killer whales, and walruses.

SeaWorld Orlando is an all-in-one-stop destination for family fun. Combining fresh and saltwater fish, this world-class aquarium is a fun spot full of exciting activities.

The family-friendly water park features exotic fish species, flora, and maritime-themed activities to partake in, thrilling activities. With so many outdoor classic amusement rides and activities, it also offers a variety of foods to satisfy your cravings. 

So, get ready to jump into a magical world full of water and fun!

SeaWorld Orlando Prices

SeaWorld Orlando Prices for Tickets/Entry

SeaWorld Orlando Ticket prices range substantially based upon your preferences.

Below are the latest SeaWorld Orlando Prices for tickets and admission 

At the gate price Online Price
SeaWorld Single-Day Ticket + FREE Meal – Enjoy one visit to SeaWorld Orlando and receive a meal with your ticket $131.98 $89.99 
Two Park Ticket + 2 FREE Meals – Enjoy two visits to any combination of our Florida theme parks with a complimentary meal per visit.  $205.97 $121.99
Three Park Ticket + 3 FREE Meals – Enjoy three visits to any combination of our Florida theme parks with a complimentary meal per visit $234.99 $143.99

SeaWorld Orlando Annual Pass – Fees & Benefits

Membership is a great value! 

Bronze Annual Pass @ $153.00

  • Enjoy admission for 12 months with blackout dates
  • Includes admission to popular events
  • Benefits valued at approximately $280
  • Convenient automatic renewal!

Silvar Annual Pass @ $198.00

  • Enjoy unlimited admission with no blackout dates for 12 months
  • Includes admission to popular events
  • FREE general parking
  • 2 FREE guest tickets & much more!
  • Benefits valued at approximately $845
  • Convenient automatic renewal!

Gold Annual Pass @ $234.00

  • Enjoy unlimited admission with no blackout dates for 12 months
  • Includes admission to popular events
  • FREE preferred parking
  • 4 FREE guest tickets
  • Up to 30% off in-park discounts & much more
  • Benefits valued at approximately $1,400
  • Convenient automatic renewal!

Platinum Annual Pass @ $399.00

  • Enjoy unlimited admission with no blackout dates for 12 months to 11 parks
  • Includes admission to popular events
  • FREE preferred parking
  • 6 FREE guest tickets
  • Up to 50% off in-park discounts
  • 1 FREE single ride Quick Queue per day & much more!
  • Benefits valued at approximately $2,540
  • Convenient automatic renewal

SeaWorld Orlando Parking & Rentals

Below are the latest SeaWorld Orlando Prices for Parking & Rentals 

General Parking Starting at $30.00
Preferred Parking Starting at $35.00
VIP Parking Starting at $45.00
One Day PhotoKey Access Pass $70.00
Electric Scooter (ECV) Rental $100.00 /ECV
Stroller $40.00 /ea.
Wheelchair Rental $20.00 /ea.

What time does the parking lot open at SeaWorld Orlando?

SeaWorld Orlando opening times vary between 9:00 am – 8:30 pm.

Times are subject to change depending on the season.

How do I avoid parking fees at SeaWorld Orlando?

There is just no way to avoid their parking fee.

SeaWorld Orlando Rides & Attractions 2023

Name Description
Mako A hypercoaster named after the fastest species of shark in the oceans.+
Kraken A floorless roller coaster themed after the legend of the Kraken sea monster.
Manta A flying roller coaster & aquarium exhibit featuring rays, sea dragons and other species.
Ice Breaker A quadruple launch family thrill roller coaster featuring the steepest drop of any roller coaster in Florida.
Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin A themed area headlined by a motion-based trackless dark ride featuring live penguins and alcid exhibits.
Journey to Atlantis A water coaster with dark ride elements themed to the mythical Atlantis.
Infinity Falls A river rapids ride that features a vertical elevator lift and the world’s tallest river rapids drop.
Super Grover’s Box Car Derby (Shamu Express) A Zierer family coaster themed to Super Grover from Sesame Street.
Sky Tower 400-foot tall rotating Gyro tower.
Wild Arctic An indoor series of exhibits featuring beluga whales, walruses, and harbour seals, designed to resemble a research station in the Arctic Ocean. 
Turtle Trek An outdoor/indoor exhibit featuring sea turtles, West Indian manatees, and American alligators.
Elmo’s Choo Choo Train (Seven Seas Railway) A short train ride themed to aquatic animals and sea creatures
Sunny Day Carousel (Sea Carousel) A carousel themed to Sesame Street.
Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N’ Whirl (Swishy Fishies) A spinning ride themed to Big Bird from Sesame Street.
Cookie Drop! (Flying Fiddler) A drop tower ride themed to Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.
Abby’s Flower Tower (Jazzy Jellies) A high tower ride themed to Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street.
Rubber Duckie Water Works A water play area themed to Ernie from Sesame Street.
Rosita’s Harmony Hills A play area themed to Rosita from Sesame Street.
Slimey’s Slider (Ocean Commotion)
Flamingo Paddle Boats An additional fee is required.

Where to Eat in SeaWorld Orlando?

You will find numerous dining options, including cafes, ice cream parlors, bars, and restaurants near SeaWorld Orlando. 

  • Altitude Burgers – a burger & pizza paradise in the hub of entertainment.
  • Edy’s Ice Cream Parlor – 14 flavors of monster shakes, ice cream, and enormous brownie sundaes that will hit your taste buds.
  • Lakeside Grill – offers you Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with a great view of Orlando.
  • Glacier Bar – a cozy place to have a drink, a bite to eat, and watch sports events on a wide-screen TV.

What Are SeaWorld Orlando Florida Hours?

  • Monday-Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m.
  • Thursday – 9:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m.
  • Friday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m.
  • Saturday from 9:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m.

How do I contact SeaWorld Orlando?

  • (407) 545-5550
  • Mailing Address: 
    SeaWorld Orlando
    7007 SeaWorld Drive
    Orlando, FL 32821
  • For more details, visit their official website.

SeaWorld Orlando phone number

  • For dining reservations, tickets, and education programs, call 407-545-5550.
  • If you would like general information or have questions regarding a past visit, you can email at
  • For Vacation Packages that include a hotel booking (in the US only), call: 407-401-8477 or email us at
  • For Group Tickets, please call: 407-965-3251 or visit
  • Animal Rescue Hotline, please call: 407-461-7329


With so many activities and SeaWorld Orlando tickets to choose from, it’s easy and affordable to visit SeaWorld Orlando. From diving with sharks and petting dolphins to zip-lining across the park, SeaWorld Orlando is the place with something enticing for everyone to do. 

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