Red Rooster Menu With Prices in Australia [Updated 2023]

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Red Rooster Menu Prices 2023

Red Rooster is Australia’s favourite chicken shop with above 50 years of satisfying Australia’s chicken cravings. Specializes in both- roast and fried chicken, Red Rooster menu prices are quite affordable to everyone.

Red Rooster Menu 2023 features chicken, chicken wings, chicken tenders, seafood, shrimp, catfish nuggets, nacho, tacos, sandwiches, sides, desserts, and drinks options.

Red Rooster offers a tantalizing array of dishes that showcase a fusion of flavors and cuisines to provide a gastronomic dining adventure. From juicy roasted chicken to innovative classic dishes, Red Rooster’s menu is a carnival of culinary creativity.

Each plate is crafted carefully using high quality ingredients to make sure a harmonious combination of flavors that excites the palate and leaves a lasting impression. Let’s check the latest Red Rooster menu prices.

Red Rooster Menu with Prices

Item Price

Picked For You

Chicken Wings $7.99
Chicken Tenders $7.99
Catfish $8.99
Loaded Fries $8.99
Philly Steak Sandwich Combo $12.99
Lunch Combo $9.99


Chilli Aioli Snack Sub $5.97
Herb Mayo Snack Sub $5.97
10 Chicken Nuggets $11.46
6 Nuggets $8.45
Chipotle Snack Sub $5.95
Cheesy Nuggets $7.96
Honey BBQ Snack Sub $5.97


Reds Tender Burger Box $19.24
Triple Spicy Box $21.38
Triple Rippa Tender Roll Box $22.15
BBQ Bacon Tender Box $20.27
Rooster Roll Box $19.37
Rippa Tender Roll Box $20.07
3 PC Satisfryer $18.44
Spicy Box $19.38
Triple BBQ Bacon Tender Box $22.27
Triple Reds Burger Box $21.32
Salad Roll Box $20.15
Reds Hot Satisfryer $19.90

Burgers, Rolls, & Wraps

Combo meals include a side and drink. Upgrade to a larger Combo for $2.50

Reds Tender Burger $11.14
Double Hellfire Hot Burger $12.99
Flayva Tender Wrap $11.64
Triple Flayva Tender Wrap $13.74
Double Hellfire Medium Burger $12.99
Double Classic Mayo Burger $12.99
Bacon and Cheese Rippa Tender Roll $12.60
Double BBQ Bacon Burger $13.54
Hellfire Hot Burger $9.49
Spicy Burger $11.17
Triple Rippa Tender Roll $13.74
Hellfire Medium Burger $9.49
Roast Chicken Chips & Gravy Roll $10.49
Rippa Tender Roll $11.64
BBQ Bacon Burger $12.09
Classic Mayo Burger $9.49
BLT Wrap $10.53
Triple Spicy Burger $13.17
Chilli Aioli Wrap $9.53
Triple Bacon and Cheese Rippa Tender Roll $14.70
Flayva $9.49
Bacon & Cheese Rippa $10.57
Roast Chicken & Gravy Roll $10.71
Triple BBQ Bacon Tender Burger $14.20
Salad Roll $11.78
Triple Reds Tender Burger $13.19
Rippa Roll $9.60
Original Crispy Burger $9.53
Chicken, Cheese, & Bacon Burger $7.62
Cheeseburger $5.69

Fish & Chicken Combos

Lunch Combo $9.99
Dinner Combo $16.99
Family Combo $29.99
Party Combo $38.99
Classic Roast with Mixed Potatoes $16.39
3 Tenders Combo $14.95
Classic Quarter Combo $14.09
Fried Chicken 2 Piece $14.36
Reds Roast Combo $15.15
Tropicana Combo $17.06
Classic Tropicana Combo $17.45
Reds Hot Fried Combo $15.45


Philly Steak Sandwich $8.99
Gyro Sandwich $8.99
Philly Chicken Sandwich $8.99
Cheeseburger Sandwich $7.99
Gyro Cheeseburger Sandwich $9.99
Italian Beef Sandwich $8.99
Chicken Sandwich $7.99

Sandwich Combo

Gyro Sandwich Combo $12.99
Gyro Plate $15.99
Gyro Cheeseburger Combo $13.99
Cheeseburger Sandwich $7.99
Cheeseburger Sandwich Combo $11.99
Chicken Sandwich Combo $11.99
Philly Chicken Sandwich Combo $12.99
Philly Steak Sandwich Combo $12.99
Italian Beef Sandwich Combo $12.99

Nacho Grande

Beef Nachos $13.99
Chicken Nachos $13.99
Steak Nachos $14.99

Junior Nachos

Jr. Beef Nachos $9.99
Jr. Chicken Nachos $9.99
Jr. Steak Nachos $10.99


Beef Taco $4.99
Chicken Taco $4.99
Steak Taco $5.59
Taco (3 pcs) Special $14.99

Roast & Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken $3.88
Whole Chicken $19.19
Reds Hot Fried $4.90
6 Cheesy Nuggets $8.45

Roast Chicken & Family Meals

Reds Family Meal $25.00
Pops Family Meal $35.02
Big Value Feast $40.31
Buttermilk Pops Family Feed $27.95
Classic Roast $15.00
Classic Tropicana $16.99
Family Roast $40.15
Mega Feast $48.15

Shared Meals

Burger Pack $41.15
Fried Chicken Pack $40.04
Aussie Favourite $33.09
Rooster Feed $45.13
Fried Pack $40.16
Reds Burger Pack $39.04
Big Feast $55.16
Big Reds Feast $55.04
Wholesome Roast $39.09
Reds Hot Fried Pack $44.16


Fries $3.99
Loaded Fries $8.99
Coleslaw $3.99
Cheese Fries $6.99
Pizza Puff $6.99
Onion Rings $4.99

Sides & Kids Meals

Sauces $0.50
Corn Wheels $3.95
Cheesy Nuggets Kids Meal $8.70
Nuggets Kids Meal $8.71
Kids Sub Meal $8.88
Chicken Pops Kids Meal $8.72
Pineapple Fritter $3.14
Garlic Bread $4.40

Snacks & Sides

Buttermilk Wings $5.95
Hellfire Wings $10.95
Onion Rings $3.95
Chicken Pops $8.63
Chicken Loaded Chips $7.24
Vegetable Medley $4.49
Crunchy Slaw $5.49
Chips $5.55
Crispy Strip $2.70
Dipping Sauce $0.50
Mash & Gravy $4.32
Gravy $3.82
Peas $4.32
Corn Cobs $7.06


2 Liter Soda $4.99
Frozen Lemonade $4.99
12 Oz. Can $1.59
20 Oz. Bottle $2.99
Bottle Water $1.59


Frozen Lemonade $4.99


Strawberry Cheesecake $6.99
Taffy Grapes $7.99
Banana Pudding $6.99
Slice Of Cake $6.99
Magnum Brownie $4.71
Strawberry Cheesecake $5.20
Gooey Chocolate Cake $4.78
Classic Chocolate Magnum Tub $9.95
Rainbow Paddle Pop $2.49
Chocolate Paddle Pop $2.49
Golden Gaytime $4.36
Classic Magnum $4.74
Cookies & Cream Cheesecake $4.49
Chocolate Mousse $4.69

About Red Rooster & its menu

Since 1972, Red Rooster has been Australia’s favorite chicken shop delighting every taste bud with a tasty and diverse menu. Well known for its dedication to quality, passionate ambiance, and superior customer service, Red Rooster Menu 2023 provides an excellent dining experience.

Red Rooster offers a tempting array of dishes showcasing a fusion of flavors and cuisines that provide a gastronomic dining adventure. From juicy chicken to innovative classic dishes, the Red Rooster menu is a carnival of culinary creativity.

Red Rooster has over 360 locations across Australia. Sourcing local ingredients not only guarantees quality and freshness but also promotes local economy.

Each plate is crafted carefully using quality ingredients and the harmonious flavors blend excites the palate and leaves a lasting impression.

Red Rooster – $5 Lunch Special

Red Rooster $5 Lunch Special offers Quarter Chicken and Chips.

  • Discounts are not allowed.
  • Not available for online orders.
  • Available until 4:00 pm in the restaurant only.

Red Rooster Menu

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Contact Red Rooster

Address: 1 Whipple St, Balcatta, Western Australia 6021



Red Rooster official website.


With its flavorful culinary offerings, inviting ambiance and superior customer service, Red Rooster is loved by everyone. Specializes in both- roast and fried chicken, Red Rooster menu prices are quite affordable to everyone.

Red Rooster has earned a reputation in the hearts and taste buds of diners with its dedication to quality and innovation on a diverse menu.

So visit a Red Rooster today and enjoy a flavorful and unforgettable dining experience.


Is there Red Rooster secret menu?

Unluckily, Red Rooster doesn’t have any secret menu.

Is Red Rooster catering menu available?

Yes, Red Rooster catering menu is available online on their official website.

Does Red Rooster use halal chicken?

Yes, Red Rooster uses halal chicken and cheese.


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