Ikea Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore [Updated 2023]

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Ikea Food Menu Prices Singapore

The Ikea Restaurant menu in Singapore offers a variety of delectable and affordable meals. From Swedish meatballs to salmon fillets, foodies can enjoy a variety of classic and modern dishes.

Ikea Singapore Menu has a huge lineup of delicious foods including Swedish meatballs, salmon, starters, pasta, plant-based options, smoothies, drinks, and desserts. Halal and kids’ options are available.

Ikea Restaurant Prices in Singapore are affordable with most items under SGD$10. Below are the latest Ikea Restaurant menu prices in Singapore.

Ikea Swedish Restaurant Mains Menu

Enjoy your all-time favorites – from IKEA meatballs and chicken wings to salmon and spaghetti!

Swedish meatballs with mashed potato and mixed vegetables – 8 Pcs SGD 6.90
Plant balls with mashed potato and mixed vegetable – 8 Pcs SGD 6.50
Salmon fillet with hollandaise sauce SGD 10.00
Smoked pork ribs with black pepper sauce and mixed vegetable SGD 13.50
Organic spaghetti with meatballs SGD 8.00
Salmon lasagna SGD 9.90

Ikea Swedish Restaurant Starters

Green Salad SGD 1.80
Cold Water Prawn SGD 4.90
Marinated Salmon with Salad SGD 5.90
Chicken Wings 4 pcs SGD 6.90
Spring Roll 2 pcs SGD 1.60
Lobster Bisque SGD 6.50

Ikea Plant-Based Menu

Plant-based nuggets and organic spaghetti with tomato sauce SGD 8.00
Organic spaghetti with plant balls SGD 7.90
Plant balls with mashed potato and mixed vegetable SGD 6.50

Ikea Kids Menu

Kids Swedish meatballs with mashed potato SGD 3.00
Kids organic spaghetti with tomato sauce SGD 3.00
Kids plant balls with mashed potato SGD 3.00


Chocolate cake with crunchy caramel SGD 3.50
Apple Cake Slice SGD 2.00
Almond Cake Slice SGD 3.50

Ikea Swedish Bistro Menu

Hot Dog SGD 1.00
Veggie Hot Dog SGD 1.00
Swedish Meatball in Cup SGD 3.50
Spring Roll – 2 pcs SGD 1.60
Curry Puffs – 5 pcs SGD 6.00
Cage Free Chicken Wings – 6 Pcs SGD 8.90

Ikea Bakery Menu

Cheddar Cheese twister SGD 1.90
Glazed Maple Pecan Plait SGD 1.50
Choco Nuts Plait SGD 1.50
Mini Butter Croissant SGD 0.90
Almond Filled Croissant SGD 1.60
Caramel Filled Muffin SGD 2.20
Blueberry Crumble Muffin SGD 2.00
Apple & Cinnamon Filled muffin SGD 2.20
Chocolate & Hazelnut Muffin SGD 2.20
White Baguette SGD 1.50
Walnut Traditional Bread SGD 4.00
Multigrain Bread SGD 3.50
Black Olive Bread SGD 3.90

Is Ikea Food Singapore Halal?

Ikea Singapore is Halal Certified. They use chicken and beef in their meatballs so they are good for halal customers.

All the images & prices are taken from the following official sources of Ikea Singapore.

Ikea Singapore Menu


If you want to get the best value for your money, IKEA Food Menu Prices Singapore is a great option. You can enjoy a meal at IKEA on any working day as they are open every day, and they serve delicious food.

IKEA Singapore menu with prices may vary slightly according to your nearest location.

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