Gold Reef City Prices, Rides and Attractions

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Gold Reef City Prices

If you’re visiting Johannesburg with your family, a trip to the Gold Reef City is a must. Located on an old gold mine, this amusement park offers unforgettable entertainment and holiday experiences to people of all ages.

You can have fun at the theme park, watch movies, and games at the bowling alley, dine at fine restaurants, and experience holiday.

Open every day from 9:30 am. to 6 pm., Gold Reef City Prices fluctuate seasonally. It also offers numerous hands-on activities.

Gold Reef City theme park offers unlimited entertainment at very affordable rates. Find out about the Gold Reef City theme park prices in 2023.

Gold Reef City Updated Theme Park Ticket Prices

How much is it per person at Gold Reef? See the updated Gold Reef City theme park prices –

theme park Prices

Gold Reef City tickets

Parking Free
General Admission R250 per person
Gold Rewards cardholder General Admission R225 per person
Platinum Rewards cardholder General Admission R210 per person
Black Rewards cardholder General Admission R200 per person


1 – 50 people R250 per person
51 – 200 people R235 per person
201 – 700 people R225 per person
701 – 1,500 people R215 per person
1,501 – 2,500 people R200 per person

What included in Gold Reef City Theme Park tickets?

Your Gold Reef City Theme Park tickets provide access to the following park rides and attractions:

  • 16 thrilling rides
  • 21 rides for kids
  • 7 family rides
  • 4D theatre experience
  • Trampoline Park at Jump City
  • 12 dining options
  • 15 different attraction sites
  • Multiple retail stores

Gold Reef City prices

Movies@ Gold Reef City prices

Gold Reef City guarantees the best cinema experience within its Victorian train station-themed cinema complex. check out the prices –

2D 3D
Adults R80 R90
Children under 18 R70 R80
Pensioners R70 R80
WOW Wednesdays
R70 R75

The WOW Wednesday promotion does not allow discounts.

Gold Reef City Heritage Tour prices

Visitors can also take a tour of Johannesburg’s gold mine and the Gold Reef City Museum houses. The rates for tours and Theme Park rides are as follows-

  • R190 for walk-in and STO – tour only
  • R390 for walk-in and STO – rides and tour
  • R180 for billings STO – tour only
  • R370 for billings STO – rides and tour

For tour without a guide-

  • R90 for the mine tour only
  • R320 for the Theme Park and mine tour

Gold Reef City school tours prices

  • R120 for schools’ grade R – Rides only
  • R110 for schools’ heritage – Mining tours only
  • R155 for schools’ fun day – Rides only
  • R180 for schools’ combo – Rides and mine tour

Golf Reef City bowling prices

Gold Reef City provides bowling shoes. Access the ten-pin bowling alley by paying the following fees for a single game:

  • R45 per person per game – Monday to Thursday
  • R65 per person per game – Friday, Saturday, and public holidays

Gold Reef City Entrance Fees

Gold Reef City has different prices for riders and non-riders with special deals for school groups and packages.

Thrill Rider (Must be taller than 1.3m) R210
Major Rider (Must be taller than 1.3m) R 135
Non-Rider (Must be taller than 1.3m) R120
Rider (Under 1.3m) R130
Pensioners (Incl. Thrill Rides if capable) R175
Children (Under 3 years of age) FREE

Gold Reef City Packages

Family Ticket – 2 Adults + 2 Children under 1.3m R535
Preschool Fun Day (Kiddies Corner Rides and Attractions) R100 per student (Preschool Only)
R100 per student (Preschool Only) R130 per student – (Grades 1 to 4)
R160 per student – (Grades 5 to 12)
Heritage Tour R100 per student – (Grades 1 to 12)
Rides Only R100 per student – (Grades 1 to 4)
R140 per student – (Grades 5 to 12)
Bookings Click here

Rides and attractions at Gold Reef City Theme Park

Gold Reef City is an amusement park in Johannesburg, South Africa, located to the south of the Central Business District off of the M1.

To enhance the liveliness of the amusement park, a real gold ore along with the ore vein is permanently exhibited which illustrates the extraction of gold.

Some of the popular rides at the theme park include:

  • Anaconda, the world’s only Giovanola inverted coaster.
  • Golden Loop, originally White Lightnin’ at Carowinds. It is a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop.
  • Jozi Express, a high-speed roller coaster built & manufactured by the German amusement park ride manufacturer Zierer.
  • Raging River Rapids
  • Miner’s Revenge
  • The High Flying Maverick
  • Runaway Train
  • Storm Chaser
  • Giant Wheel, a Ferris wheel
  • UFO, a giant wheel that spins at high speed while being lifted from a horizontal position to a near-60 degree position.
  • Tower of Terror, a high-speed rollercoaster with a vertical drop into an old mineshaft and the highest g force on any roller coaster at 6.3 gs.

Gold Reef City Free Birthday Entry!

Entrance to Gold Reef is free on the day of your birthday providing your valid ID/birth certificate/ Passport/Driver’s Licence!


  • No prior online booking is required.
  • Applies to the birthday boy/girl only.
  • Student cards are not accepted as proof of ID.

Gold Reef City Theme Park Contact Details

Physical Address
Cnr Northern Parkway and Data Crescent,

Postal Address
Private Bag 1998
Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City Casino – +27 11 248 5000

Gold Reef City Theme Park – +27 11 248 6800

Heritage Tour Office – +27 11 248 6986 / +27 11 248 6825

Conferencing and Team Building – +27 11 248 5700

More places to visit-

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Gold Reef City free on your birthday?

Yes, Free admission on your birthday.

What things are not allowed at Gold Reef City?

No pets, skateboards, rollerblades, radios or bicycles are allowed into Gold Reef City.

How long is the anaconda ride at Gold Reef City?

746 metres.

How much is the entrance fee at Carnival City?

R10 per vehicle, up to 6/8 people, but if you are not driving and walk in, it is R5 per person.

How tall must you be to ride at Gold Reef City?

1.5m and under, Children under 95cm must be accompanied by an adult.


That concludes our run-down of the Gold Reef City.

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    I would like come visit Gold Reef City with my husband and 2 children.
    How much is the entrance fee for all of us?

    1. Hi! thank you for contacting us.
      R 550 family ticket (2 parents and 2 children under the age of 16 years). Children under 3 years are admitted free of charge. CLICK HERE to know more.

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