A Guide to Visiting Brevard Zoo: Ticket & Membership Prices

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Brevard Zoo Tickets and Membership Guide

Brevard Zoo Prices are the first things, you should check when you’re planning a visit to the zoo.

Opened in 1986, Brevard Zoo is home to over 900 animals from different around the world. Covering 75-acre habitats, is divided into five loops: Expedition Africa, Lands of Change: Australia and Beyond, Wild Florida, Rainforest Revealed, and Paws On. 

Many Brevard Zoo animals (creatures) are in threat of extinction, so a trip to the Brevard Zoo is a good way to get close up to them and learn the importance of caring for nature.

Visiting a Brevard Zoo is a perfect plan to do in Florida with your family and spend a day outdoors and escape for a few hours from the asphalt jungle of Florida. I’ll tell you how to get Brevard Zoo tickets and a lot more!

Brevard Zoo Tickets Prices 2023

Spanning 75 acres and home to over 195 species, Brevard Zoo has numerous innovative, forward-thinking exhibits designed to engage visitors in surroundings of different regions from different parts of the world.

See the current Brevard Zoo prices for tickets and admission –

GENERAL Online  On-site
Adults (12 & over) $31.95   $33.95
Seniors (65 & over) $26.95 $28.95
Children age 3 – 11 $19.95  $21.95
Children under 3 FREE FREE

How much is parking at Brevard?

Parking is always free.

Single Stroller $9
Double Stroller $11
Wheelchair $10
Electric Convenience Vehicle $27 (ID required)

Brevard Zoo Membership Prices and Packages

Become a Brevard Zoo and enjoy free entry into the zoo for a year. Below are the fees for various annual memberships at the zoo –  

one named adult
$149.95 $109.95
two named adults living in the same household
$219.95 $139.95
one named adult with children or grandchildren ages 18 and under
1-3 children
4-6 children
7-9 children
1-3 children
4-6 children
7-9 children
two named adults living in the same household with children or grandchildren ages 18 and under
1-3 children
4-6 children
7-9 children
1-3 children
4-6 children
7-9 children

Brevard Zoo Attractions and exhibit

Take your Zoo visit to the next level with animal feedings, kayak tours, train rides, aerial adventures and other incredible experiences. There’s something for everyone!

Adventure Courses Dive into the wild side adventure. Take your pick from this fun trio: Zip It, Canopy Walk and Challenge. $15/person
Kayaking Tour Enjoy a guided tour of the Nyami Nyami River as you float past giraffe, lemurs, rhinos, and more in Expedition Africa. $12.95/ages 5 & up only
Cape To Cairo Express Enjoy a 10-minute excursion past camels, African cattle and exotic antelope.

$4/ages 3 & up

FREE/under 3

Lorikeet & Cockatiel Feedings Grab a nectar cup or seed stick and interact with these tiny Australian parrots! Nectar Cups $3/cup or $5/2 cups

Seed Sticks $3/stick or $5/2 sticks

Closer Look: Rainforest Revealed Experience Explore Rainforest Revealed loop and learn more about animal residents, enjoy a special animal encounter!
Tree Hugger Explore the upper reaches of the Zoo by scaling a Florida pine tree and gently rappelling down to the ground. $4/person, includes 3 climbs.
Giraffe Feedings See eye to eye with these gentle giants as they eagerly pluck food from your hands! $5/2 treats or $10/5 treats
Rhino Encounters Get up close and personal with rhinos and learn from keepers about these incredible giants. Members/$19.95
Non-members/ $29.95
Private Guided Tour Get ready to amp up the fun factor! Per person/$15

Along with creatures, you can also enjoy several rides and experiences like a carousel and sea lion feedings. You can also find many animals roaming freely within their habitats.

 The zoo operates a flex pricing system for tickets, so Brevard Zoo ticket prices fluctuate by the day. 

Visit their website for further details on Brevard Zoo prices for exhibits, transportation, and parking, plus bundle discounts. 

Brevard Zoo Prices

What can’t you miss at the Brevard Zoo?

Mainly, you can’t miss Brevard Zoo’s animal exhibits- it is home to over 700 species brought from all around the world. Observing them interact and play with each other is a very thrilling part of the visit.

Another sensational experience at Brevard Zoo is when the zoo keepers feed the animals.  I recommend you to check out what activities are prepared for your visiting day, so you don’t miss them- very interesting!

In “The Children’s Zoo,” kids are allowed to feed and pet various animals in a barnyard such as alpacas, donkeys, sheep, goats, or prairie dogs. They will never forget this experience.

To complete your fun-filled day, children can also enjoy the ride of insect carousel and play on  Nature Trek bridges & walkways. On-site facilities include gift shops, eateries, and food stands. 

Planning a full-day fun trip in a learning environment, do visit Brookfield Zoo.

Brevard Zoo Exhibits and Attractions

Wildlife Detective Training Academy

With a focus on younger children, this exhibit features terrariums containing many reptiles, arthropods, amphibians, and a few mammals including chinchillas and flying squirrels. 

It also featured interactive activities including a sand pit and an animal hospital.

Expedition Africa

Expedition Africa offers kayaking and the trained ground staff will provide information during a slow glide past African-themed exhibits. It features Grévy’s zebras, Masai giraffes, impalas, white rhinos, dromedary camels, scimitar oryxes, klipspringers, meerkats, a common ostrich, crested guineafowl, West African crowned cranes, marabou storks, southern ground hornbills, and African spurred tortoises. 

Lands of Change: Australia and Beyond

This exhibit features animals from Australia, Oceania, Southeast Asia, and South America. Visitors can encounter animals including the red kangaroos, dingos, emus, Visayan warty pigs, North Sulawesi babirusas, wrinkled hornbills, and black swans. 

It also hosts the free-flight aviary allowing visitors to feed galahs,  laughing kookaburras, cockatiels, Victoria crowned pigeons, rajah shelducks, etc.

Wild Florida

The exhibit includes American alligators, North American river otters, American crocodiles, foxes, bald eagles, crested caracaras, turtles, sandhill cranes, American black bears, wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, and bobcats.

Rainforest Revealed (La Selva)

This exhibit features black howler monkeys, jaguars, giant anteaters, cotton-top tamarins, golden-headed lion tamarins,  Chilean flamingos, black-handed spider monkeys, macaws, tortoises, reptiles, and fishes. This also features green iguanas, a Baird’s tapir, and a Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth.

Paws On

Paws On provides a spot for children to play in a playground, a splash pad, and a petting zoo for children to explore. This exhibit includes a shallow swimming area (splash pad) with animals such as stingrays, tarpons, and black drums; a viewing tank with hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, and Florida crown conchs.

Caribbean Trail

The “Treasures of the Caribbean” trail is home to animals such as the Yellow-Naped Amazon and the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana. This exhibit also features a pirate-themed scavenger hunt.

You can also travel the world in one day by foot, on a safari cycle, or tram tour with a trip to Zoo Miami.

Useful tips to visit the Brevard Zoo

  • Always book your tickets online in advance and confirm it.
  • Never feed the zoo animals without permission.
  • Download the Brevard Zoo map to your phone or print it so you can easily guide the zoo from place to place.
  • Don’t touch the plants, flowers, or trees.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Dress appropriately and comfortably according to the season you are visiting.
  • Bring snacks with you to eat inside the zoo.
  • Carry your own bottle.

When is the Brevard ZOO open?

The Brevard Zoo is open at 9 AM and it may close at 5:00 PM depending on the season from Monday through Sunday.

The zoo remains closed on ThanksgivingChristmasNew Year’s Day, and Martin Luther King Day


9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Last Admission 3:30 PM


9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Last Admission 3:30 PM

Where to eat at the Brevard Zoo?

Your visit takes several hours so you may find you work up an appetite- take a break and grab a light bite to recharge your batteries!

The zoo is full of restaurants where you can stop for a while and eat on your visit. Check what restaurants are available inside the zoo- 

How do I contact Brevard Zoo?

Phone: 321.254.9453
Fax: 321.259.5966
Mail: Brevard Zoo
8225 North Wickham Road
Melbourne, FL 32940

Brevard Zoo Prices FAQs

Is Brevard Zoo free?

Throughout August and September, kids 11 years of age and younger receive FREE Zoo admission when accompanied by a paying adult who is a Florida resident.

How long do people spend at Brevard Zoo?

The average visitor spends about three hours to viewing the habitats, experiencing special adventures and playing in Paws On with your kids.

Can you bring dogs to Brevard Zoo?

Pets are not permitted in the Zoo, with the exception of service animals.


Every visit to Brevard Zoo is unique and unpredictable- you never know what you’ll see or how you might connect with the animals. Brevard Zoo fosters community and creates an inviting culture for all to enjoy.

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