Your Guide to Global Cash Card Activate ❤️Learn Fast Methods

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Your Guide to Global Cash Card Activate ❤️ Learn Fast Methods

With plenty of rewards and facilities, the Global Cash Card is the dream card for any traveller. 

In this article, we are looking at some ways to how you can activate your Global Cash Card online.

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If you wonder how you can activate your Global Cash Card online, please make sure to carefully follow the guidelines presented here. You will activate your credit card in no time.

How can I activate Global Cash Card?

You need to activate your Global Cash Card as soon as you receive it from your employer.

If not, you may not be able to access your monthly paycheck. Having an activated Global Cash Card is tantamount to holding cash in hand.

Gather your personal and credit card details

  1. Your laptop or a smartphone.
  2. stable and secure internet/wi-fi connection.
  3. Your Global Cash Card Card number (15 digits).
  4. The security code of your Credit Card (4 digits).
  5. If you are applying for the first time you will need an email address.
  6. Your first and last name.
  7. Date of birth.
  8. Zip code.
  9. Your mother’s middle name.
  10. And lastly, your home address and phone number.

Make sure you are eligible for Global Cash Card Activation

  • You are a US resident.
  • Your age is 18 or higher as this is the minimum age requirement for the Amex card application.
  • You have a very high or clean credit score.
  • No bankruptcy in the last 7 years.
  • No active law case regarding finance. activate Requirements

Here is what you need to activate your Global cash card online.

  • Global cash card activates web portal at
  • You must have a card with the institution.
  • Your card number details such as;
    • Card number.
    • Expiry date.
    • CCV (Possibly).
  • Global cash card login which includes;
    • Username or User ID.
    • Password.

Activate Global Cash Card Online

Once you receive your Global Cash Card, visit the GCC online activation portal to activate it.

Logged into your online account using your credentials and then enter the card number and expiration date.

global cash card activate

Along the way, you will have to prove you are a human and not a robot by keying in some security text.

In a process that takes a very short time, you will be able to activate your Global Cash Card.

The card number comes in the form of 16 digits. Enter it, choose a password and username, followed by a PIN. Activating your card couldn’t be easier than that.

Global Cash Card Activation via The Phone

You might surprise, but the fact is you can activate your Global Cash Card by dialling Global Cash Card customer support.

All you need is just checked out the backside of your card. You will find a number that you can dial and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can contact us and take the help of a Global Cash Card representative.

The customer service number for activating your card is 1-866-395-9200.

Call this number and you will be asked to provide some basic information. That includes the card number, social security number, date of birth, and so on.

Why Use a Global Cash Card?

Global Cash Card Visa Payroll Card is issued by MetaBank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A Inc., respectively.

Activate Global Cash Card

A Global Cash Card offers many benefits to cardholders in addition to eliminating the need to carry cash. Some of the benefits include:

  • Automatic upgrade to personalized Visa Paycard
  • Access money “to the penny” for no fee
  • No Fee for signature transactions
  • Multi-lingual “Live Customer Service” 24x7x365
  • Email or text message alerts when the card is loaded or for a low balance
  •  Mobile banking/two-way texting
  • Family cards available for additional family members
  • Online statements
  • Bill pay direct to merchants or online bill pay system
  • No more check-cashing fees or standing in line to cash checks
  • No more lost or stolen checks
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Over 60,000 Allpoint Network surcharge-free ATMs
  • Card-to-card transfers
  • Access to account balance online or on the telephone
  • Telephone or online training tutorial for cardholders
  • Rewards Program
  • Expense Manager budgeting tool
  • Visa Sweepstakes, monthly and quarterly

Additional Paycard Features

Use It At A Secondary Employer. You can use your Global CashCard pay card at any job. Simply log in to your card account and download the direct deposit form to give to your employer.

Family Cards. You may request up to 5 additional family cards. You can transfer money from your pay card to any family card for no fee; transfers are processed in real-time. The family card only has access to funds transferred to that card. This is used by family members, especially college and high school students, and for family members who are out of state or out of the country.

Additional Deposits. You can load additional cash onto your pay card at any MoneyGram or Western Union location in the United States (fees charged by the merchant). Other deposits can be made to the pay card from other employers, government agencies, and tax refunds. Global Cash Card does not charge a fee for this service. Contact Global Cash Card for details.

Bill Pay. Pay merchants who accept Visa debit cards directly with your payment card. For those merchants who don’t accept Visa, use Global Cash Card’s bill pay system. Access the Global Cash Card’s state-of-the-art bill pay system at or via your mobile device. There is no fee for our convenient bill pay system.

Rewards Programs
Sign up for our exciting rewards programs and receive many great benefits and discounts. We have excellent PerksCard and Visa rewards programs. Go to to sign up for the rewards programs and start realizing your discounts immediately.

Global Cash Card Balance

To check your Global Cash Card balance for free, there are several simple methods. Below are some of the best methods to check your card balance.

  • Head over to
  • Two-way texting: Text BAL to 28547 (Text STOP to 28547 to stop the service).
  • Sign up for card alerts (to get automatic notifications).
  • Calling 888-220-4477 and following the prompts.

Lost or Stolen Paycards

Report a lost or stolen paycard to Global Cash Card Customer Service immediately.

Global Cash Card will freeze the card balance and reissue a new personalized pay card.

If the cardholder has the instant issue pay card, Global Cash Card will transfer any money to that pay card so the cardholder has immediate access to their funds.

All credit/signature transactions are guaranteed by the Visa Zero Liability Policy.

A PIN transaction is considered an authorized transaction; cardholders are advised to never give out their PIN.

Global Cash Card’s Fraud Department handles each inquiry on a case by case basis. Call Customer Service 24/7/365 at (959) 751-0360. activate Customer Support

While requesting you will be subjected to answering some questions which include your card number, CCV, Global cash card account information, etc.

  • Global Cash Card Address,
    • Global Cash Card Inc.
    • 3972 Barranca Pkwy, Ste.
    • J610, Irvine, CA 92606
  • Phone: 866-395-9200
  • Outside the U.S. 949-751-0360
  • Customer care: 888-220-4477

Global Cash Card Activate FAQ

How do I find my Global Cash Card username and password?

They will send you an email with a link to reset your password.

If your email address is not on file or if you have forgotten your username, please call Customer Service at 1-949-751-0360 (1-866-395-9200 within the U.S.).

Does Global Cash Card have a mobile app?

Yes, Global Cash goes anywhere that you go! With Global Cash Mobile, you can check your accounts in an instant on your iPhone or iPad.

Can I use my Global Cash Card for direct deposit?

You can use your Global Cash Card paycard at any job. Simply log in to your card account at and download the direct deposit form to give to your employer.

How do I check my Global Cash Card balance?

You can check your balance online at You can sign up for text or email alerts to check your balance and view recent activity. You can also call GCC Customer Service, at 1-888-220-4477 for fee-free balance inquiries.


That’s about it. If you follow the presented indications precisely you should be able to Global Cash Card Activate online in no time.

Let us know in the comments below if the solutions presented below were useful.

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