Gerry’s Grill Menu Price List Philippines 2023

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Gerry’s Grill Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Looking for a tasty, affordable Filipino meal? Check out the Gerry’s Grill! From classic favorites to more modern options, Gerry’s restaurant and bar offer a range of delicious Filipino dishes that won’t break the bank.

Gerry’s Grill menu has something for everyone- appetizers, soups, seafood, chicken, pork, beef, rice, vegetables, and desserts all on the menu.

We’ll also share some tips to save money on your next meal and review Gerry’s Grill menu prices. 

Gerry’s Grill Menu Price List Philippines 2023

Item Price


Crunchy Squid Heads ₱225
Peanuts ₱95
Lumpiang Shanghai ₱265
Tokwa’T Lechon Kawali ₱355
Sizzling Tokwa Con Karne ₱275
Garlic Adobo Shreds ₱285
Chili Cheese Sticks ₱235
Oriental Tuna Sashimi ₱415
Calamares ₱355
Crispy Kangkong ₱145
Tuna Kilaw ₱515
Sugba Kilaw ₱485
Sisig Kilaw ₱335
Hipon Kilaw ₱375


Sinigang Na Boneless Bangus ₱435
Sinigang Na Hipon ₱435
Sinigang Na Baboy ₱435
Nilagang Bulalo ₱515


Blue Marlin Steak ₱515
Blue Marlin Belly ₱525
Blue Marlin Ribs ₱415
Inihaw Na Pusit (500g) ₱545
Inihaw na Tuna Belly ₱420
Inihaw na Baby Pusit ₱495
Gerry’s Special Inihaw na Bangus ₱415
Bangus Ala Pobre ₱415
Sizzling Gambas ₱395


Gerry’s Fried Chicken ₱405
Inihaw Na Manok ₱385
Garlic Mushroom Chicken ₱405
Chicken Kebab (4 Sticks) ₱315


Sizzling Sisig ₱335
Sisig Kilaw ₱335
Pork BBQ ₱245
Crispy Pata (Regular) ₱715
Crispy Pata (Family) ₱895
Lechon Kawali ₱515
Inihaw Na Liempo ₱395
Gerry’s Stuffed Laing (Tinomok) ₱305


Beef Kare-Kare ₱585
Prime Beef Kaldereta ₱515
Sizzling Bulalo Steak ₱515


Plain Rice ₱48
Garlic Rice ₱51
Crab Rice ₱285
Gerry’s Special Binagoongan Rice ₱295
Seafood Rice ₱295
Adobo Rice ₱285
Half Rice ₱26


Pinakbet ₱285
Chopsuey ₱325
Sizzling Kangkong Ala Pobre ₱235
Ampalaya Guisado ₱265
Kilawin Puso Ng Saging ₱255
Tortang Talong ₱205


Lomi ₱225
Pancit Palabok ₱275
Pancit Canton ₱275
Special Pancit Bihon ₱275


Halo-Halo ₱175
Mais Con Hielo ₱165
Leche Flan ₱135
Buko Pandan Delight ₱175
Banana Split ₱195
Banana Con Leche ₱155
Ube Macapuno Delight ₱165

Shakes, Juices & Soft Drinks

Green Mango Shake ₱125
Ripe Mango Shake ₱125
Banana Shake ₱125
Four Seasons Shake ₱125
Mango Juice ₱95
Calamansi Juice ₱85
Pineapple Juice ₱95
Orange Juice ₱95
Gerry’s Special Iced Tea (Glass) ₱85
Gerry’s Special Iced Tea (Pitcher) ₱345
Lipton House blend Ice Tea (Bottomless) ₱105
Sago’t Gulaman (Glass) ₱75
Sago’t Gulaman (Pitcher) ₱265
Pepsi ₱88
Pepsi Max ₱88
Pepsi Light ₱88
Mirinda ₱88
7-Up ₱88
Mountain Dew ₱88
Mug Rootbeer ₱88
Bottled Water ₱55

Gerry’s Homemade Experience

Gerry’s Bagoong Bottle (Regular/Spicy) ₱99
Gerry’s Inihaw Sauce 375Ml ₱80
Inihaw Sauce 750Ml ₱150
Gerry’s Sweet & Spicy Vinegar 375Ml ₱80
Gerry’s Sweet & Spicy Vinegar 750Ml ₱150
Spiced Cane Vinegar 375Ml ₱85
Gerry’s Spiced Cane Vinegar 750Ml ₱160

Alcoholic Beverages

Smb Pale Pilsen ₱99
San Mig Light ₱99
Red Horse ₱95

About Gerry’s Grill

Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar is a group of restaurants based in the Philippines aimed to give everyone a pleasurable dining experience.

From opening its first store in Tomas Morato, Gerry’s has around 117 branches locally and internationally.

It has a simple but very tasty menu for all Filipinos to enjoy including grilled seafood, pica-pica and Asian and Filipino dishes.

Gerry’s Grill Menu Prices

Does Gerrys Grill have the same menu all over the Philippines?

Yes, Gerry Grill sells all the same dishes and drinks across the country.

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Gerrys Grill opening times 2023

Monday 12 PM – 10 PM
Tuesday 12 PM – 10 PM
Wednesday 12 PM – 10 PM
Thursday 12 PM – 10 PM
Friday 12 PM – 10 PM
Saturday 12 PM – 10 PM
Sunday 12 PM – 10 PM

Gerrys Grill Contact Information

Phone: 332 1111

Address: 2F Fma Building 75-C Baler Street San Francisco Delmonte Quezon City Metro Manila


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