Zeus Street Greek Menu Prices & Specials [UPDATED 2023]

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Zeus Street Greek Menu Prices & Specials 2023

Zeus Street Greek Menu – Zeus Street Greek is an Australian restaurant chain famous for fabulous delicious flavors of authentic Greek cuisine. Its dedicated chefs prepare each burger as per customers’ desires.

Zeus Street Greek serves mouth-watering burgers, pizzas, and fried chicken out of an old mechanic’s garage. For some liquid fuel in your tank, check the boards for beers, wines, cocktails, and famous milkshakes. Its dedicated chefs prepare each burger as per customers’ desires. 

Come and enjoy our dining experience. The chain also has an Online Ordering and Takeout option as well.

Below is the latest Zeus Street Greek Menu with Prices along with the daily specials at the food chain.


Limited Time Offer

Poseidon Pita Wrap $19.50
Zucchini Fritters $16.50


Tzimmy Chicken Pita $15.50
Tzimmy Lamb Pita $18.00
DIY Spartan $23.50

Spartan Boxes

Lamb Spartan $25.50
Pork Spartan $23.50
Zucchini Falafel Spartan $23.50
Chicken Schnitzel Spartan $23.50
Chicken Spartan $23.50
Haloumi Spartan $23.50


Hermes Pita $16.00
The Zeus Pita $18.00
Tzimmy Pork Pita $15.50
Aegean Schnitzel Pita $16.00
Apollo Pita $16.00
Comino Pita $18.00

Zeus Favourites

Pita Meal For Two $49.00
Tzatziki $9.50
Aegean Schnitzel Pita Wrap $16.00
All Four Dips $25.00
Haloumi Chips $13.50

Zeus Feasts

Family Feast $69.00


Vegan Greek Salad $9.00
Yia Yia’s Chips $6.00
Yia Yia’s Chips with Feta $8.00
Zeus Slaw $8.00
Greek Salad $9.00
Spanakopita $13.50

Meat from the Spit

Lamb from the Spit $29.00
Pork from the Spit $25.00
Chicken from the Spit $23.50

Dips and Pita Bread

Pita $4.50
Smoky Eggplant $9.50
Spicy Feta $9.50
Taramosalata $9.50

Spartan Bowls

Plant Based Chicken Spartan Bowl $24.50
Plant Based Lamb Spartan Bowl $29.50
Pork Spartan Bowl $27.50
Chicken Schnitzel Spartan Bowl $24.50
Chicken Spartan Bowl $25.50
Haloumi Spartan Bowl $24.50

Pita Wraps

Pythagoras Pita Wrap $18.50
Stavros Stavrou Pita Wrap $16.50
Tzimmy Chicken Pita Wrap $15.50
Tzimmy Lamb Pita Wrap $19.00
Tzimmy Pork Pita Wrap $16.50
Zeus Pita Wrap $19.00
Apollo Pita Wrap $16.17
Cousin Nikki Pita Wrap $15.00
Hades Chicken Pita Wrap $18.50
Hades Falafel Pita Wrap $18.50
Hermes Pita Wrap $17.00

Keto Bowl

Zeus Keto Bowl $19.50

Meat from the Souvla

Pork From The Souvla $27.50
Chicken From The Souvla $25.50

Kids Meals

Kids Mini Chicken Pita $13.00
Kids Mini Falafel Pita $13.00
Kids Schnitzel $14.00
Kids Mini Chicken Pita Pack $14.00
Kids Mini Falafel Pita Pack $14.00
Kids Schnitzel Snack Pack $14.00


Nutella Loukoumades $12.00
Honey Loukoumades $11.00
Maple Syrup Loukoumades $11.00
Mixed Berry Coulis Loukoumades $14.00
Salted Caramel Loukoumades $14.00
Smashed Baklava Loukoumades $15.00
Baklava $9.50


Mineral Water $4.50
Spring Water $4.50
Sprite $4.00
Coca Cola $4.00
Coke Zero $4.00
Sprite Can $4.00
Still Water 600ml $4.50
Coke Can $4.00
Coke Zero Can $4.00

Zeus Street Greek Deals & Specials

To bring more visits, the Australian restaurant chain often offers many exciting deals and specials for its customers. Through special Zeus Street Greek Deals, the chain allows customers to enjoy their favorites at discounted prices.

Zeus Street Greek Specials and Deals run for a limited time only.

For more details, visit the official site.

Zeus Street Greek Menu Prices

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How to Place Order Zeus Street Greek for delivery online

Are you not in the mood to cook or just fancy something a little more special? Deliveroo has got you covered!

Order from your nearest Zeus Street Greek online and get your favorite takeaway dishes delivered directly to your door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options at Zeus Street Greek AU?

Zeus Street Greek caters to various dietary preferences with vegan options like Pythagoras and Cousin Nikki, vegetarian choices including Haloumi Chips and Spanakopita, and gluten-free Yia Yia’s Chips.

Is there a Zeus Street Greek kids’ menu?

Certainly! Zeus Street Greek AU offers a kids’ menu with options like the Mini Pita Pack and the Mini Snack Pack. 

Is Zeus Street Greek AU a fast-casual restaurant or a sit-down dining experience?

Zeus Street Greek is a fast-casual restaurant. Enjoy a quick, delicious meal without the need for a formal reservation.

Does Zeus Street Greek AU offer delivery or takeout options?

Yes, Zeus Street Greek (AU) offers both delivery and takeout options. You can order through their website at https://zeusstreetgreek.com.au.

How much does a Spartan Bowl cost at Zeus Street Greek (AU)?

Typically, Zeus Street Greek Spartan Bowl ranges from $15 to $18.


Zeus Street Greek is more than just a restaurant; it has a reputation for offering a diverse array of scrumptious dishes that are made using top-notch ingredients. They offer delicious food and excellent service in a family-friendly environment where hospitality meets quality. 

Best known for mouth-watering burgers, pizzas, and beer selection, Zeus Street Greek is the place where you can enjoy delicious flavors of authentic Greek cuisine and the best of Australian produce.

Hopefully, you like the guide and information on Zeus Street Greek Menu and Prices.