Western Baths Membership Prices and Entry Fees – Updated

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Western Baths Membership Prices 2023

Western Baths Prices are quite affordable and reasonable too!

Founded in 1876, The Western Baths Club is a Victorian-era private swimming and leisure club in Glasgow, UK.

Accurate Western Baths Membership Prices are hard to find because they do not share prices for entry fees and membership on their website.

So, I have prepared an updated Western Baths Price List for 2023.

Go through this guide to find out the latest Western Baths Club Prices and Entry fees.

Western Baths Membership Prices 2023

Category of Member  Entry Fee  Subscription  Payment by
Gentleman/Lady £345  £585  8x £75.50
Partnership £525 £1,045 8x £133.50
Family £525  £1,150 8x £146.00
Pensioner or Country      
Gentleman/Lady £280  £435 8x £57.00
Partnership £435  £760 8x £97.50
Gentleman/Lady £340  8x £45.00
Partnership £615  8x £80.00
Associate (aged 18-23)      
Gentleman/Lady £365  8x £48.50
Student outwith Strathclyde  –  £170 8x £23.00
Junior  –  £150  
One Junior with the parent member –  £108  
Two or more Juniors with the parent member  –  £165  
Social member –  £56  

Rules for Western Baths Membership

  • Members paying by instalments must do so by Direct Debit.
  • Family membership includes all children aged 3 to 17 years of age.
  • The second junior in a family receives a discount of £35 and the third and subsequent juniors a discount of £50 on the above junior subscriptions of £150.
  • Pensioner membership is open to ladies and gentlemen aged 65 and over
  • Veteran membership is available to ladies and gentlemen aged 75 and over. There is no restriction on hours of use of the club.
  • Country membership is available to ladies and gentlemen who do not have a place of residence or a place of business within 30 miles of The Western Baths Club and who do not, on average, make use of the facilities of the Club on more than one occasion per week
  • Associate (18-23) membership is available to persons who will be aged 18 to 23 during a subscription year
  • The Student outwith Strathclyde membership is available to students who during term time do not live within 30 miles of the Western Baths
  • A “Low Income” membership fee is available; Joining Fee has been discounted and anyone wishing to take advantage of this reduced fee must apply.
  • Low-income subscription £75 entry fee / £435 subscription (Excludes Saturday access)
  • Partnership membership is available to married couples, civil partnerships and persons in a long-term relationship who are co-habiting
  • For more details, visit the official website.

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So, this is all about the latest Western Baths Membership Prices.

If you have any other questions you’d like to ask about Western Baths Prices, leave a comment below. 


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