Hungry Lion Menu 2023 with Prices in South Africa [UPDATED]

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Hungry Lion Menu Prices 2023

Hungry Lion is serving delicious chicken and fast food in South Africa since 1997. Here you can find all items on Hungry Lion menu- from crispy fried chicken and appetizers to healthy breakfasts to desserts, and their prices.

Known for its mouth-watering chicken specialties, it has a simple but very tasty menu for all South Africans to enjoy. 

The Hungry Lion South Africa menu features everything from crispy fried chicken, appetizers, burgers, winglets, breakfast options, value meals, and plenty of desserts, to choose from to enjoy. Love mouth-watering Thai specialties, check Simply Asia menu.

Hungry Lion menu prices are very competitive compared to other South African fast food chains. This makes Hungry Lion the perfect place to go for a quick, satisfying, and affordable meal.

Here’s the latest Hungry Lion menu 2023 with prices in South Africa-

Menu Item Price


King Crunch Meal R49.90
Strips Meal R59.90
4 Strips + Dippa R46.90
Regular Pops R25.90
Large Pops R42.90
3 Pce Nuggets & Dippa R27.90
6 Pce Nuggets & Dippa R44.90
Double Big Boss Burger Meal R84.90

Hungry Lion Value Meals

King Crunch Meal R49.90
King Dippa R109.00
Big Bite Dippa Meal R62.90
Big Bite 3 & Drink R69.90
Big Bite 3 R62.90
Big Bite 2 R39.9
4 Piece Meal R76.9
King Combo R78.9
Snack Pack R38.9
Zamba Spicy Deluxe R62.9
Hungry Lion Mix R39.9
Zamba Wing It R29.9

Hungry Lion Burgers

Double Big Boss Burger R56.9
Big Boss Burger R44.9
Dixie Burger R22.9
Dixie Cheese Burger R24.9
Double Dixie Cheese Burger R38.9
Double Dixie Burger R32.9
Big Boss Cheese Burger R46.9
Munch Burger R36.9
Double Munch Burger R47.9
Double Munch Meal R69.9
Big Boss Burger Meal R59.9
2 X Big Boss Burger Meal R119.8

Hungry Lion Family Meals

Party Meal R149.9
Jumbo Meal R194.9
Festive Feast R142.9
Mega Meal R127.9
King’S Feast R269.9
Jumbo Dippa Meal R219.00
King’s Feast R279.90
4 Piece Meal R79.90
King Combo R82.90

Buckets & Variety Buckets

7 Piece Bucket R134.9
9 Piece Bucket R142.9
15 Piece Bucket R234.9
21 Piece Bucket R314.9
12 Piece Variety Bucket R164.9
26 Piece Variety Bucket R274.9
20 Piece Variety Bucket R224.9

Snack Range

Strips Meal R59.90
2 Strips + Dippa R32.90
3 Strips + Dippa R39.90
4 Strips + Dippa R46.90
Regular Pops R25.90
Large Pops R42.90
Extra Large Pops R49.90
3 Pce Nuggets & Dippa R27.90
6 Pce Nuggets & Dippa R44.90
9 Pce Nuggets & Dippa R54.90

Sweet treat

Chocolate dip R5.9
Vanilla cone R4.5
Caramel dip R5.9
Syrup cups toffee or chocolate R9.9
Vanilla tub R7.9
Mini smarties R9.9
Flake crumbie R9.9

fried bucket Thursday

7 pcs R69
9pcs R95
15pcs R135
21pcs R179

Zamba Spicy Winglets

4 Zamba Winglets R29.9
7 Zamba Winglets R46.9
12 Zamba Winglets R72.9
20 Zamba Winglets R134.9
Zamba Wing Combo R62.9


 egular Chips 150G R19.9
Large Chips 250G R24.9
Extra Large Chips 500G R37.9
Coleslaw R14.9
Dixie Roll R8.9
Mini Loaf R9.9
1 Piece R19.9
Tomato R2
Lettuce R2
Original Dippa R4.90
BBQ Dippa R4.90
Zamba Dippa R4.90
Zamba Max Dippa R4.90

Hungry Lion Drinks Menu

300ml Can R14.9
440ml Bottle R16.9
500ml Water R15.9
1L Drink R24.9

Hungry Lion Breakfast Menu Prices

Start your day right with a delightful breakfast from the Hungry Lion menu, that keeps you energetic and ready for the day ahead.

The Breakfast Two Go option is a convenient choice at R27.9- a combo of breakfast favorites in a portable package. For a hearty and refilling meal, the Big breakfast burger is the perfect pick, for just R32.9.

For a lighter option that always packs a flavorful punch, the Sunrise Snacker (R11.9) provides a tasty blend of breakfast essentials.

No matter which Hungry Lion breakfast option you pick, you can expect a pleasurable and satisfying start to your morning. See what’s on Hungry Lion’s breakfast menu-

Breakfast two go R27.9
Big breakfast burger R32.9
Sunrise snacker R11.9
Breakfast stack R16.9
More-ning riser R19.9

Hungry Lion Daily Specials

Hungry Lion offers great deals and several specials on its menu from time to time.

You can head over to their official website to find out what their specials are now.

Below I have listed down a few:

Hungry Lion Tuesday Special

TUESDAY TWO: 2X BIG BITE 2’S —————- R64.00

Hungry Lion Thursday Special


  • 7 PIECE —————- R95.00
  • 9 PIECE —————- R115.00
  • 15 PIECE —————- R185.00
  • 21 PIECE —————- R245.00
  • 12 PIECE VARIETY BUCKET —————- R115.00
    20 PIECE VARIETY BUCKET —————- R155.00
    26 PIECE VARIETY BUCKET —————- R195.00

Hungry Lion Sunday Special

SUPER SUNDAY MEAL —————- R129.00

About Hungry Lion

Hungry Lion is a South African restaurant chain known for offering unique traditional African dining experiences. Since its entry in South Africa in 1997 and now it has over 200 stores throughout South Africa. Don’t forget to check John Dorys menu.

Hungry Lion menu consists of a variety of delicious traditional African specialties and a whole lot more. From fried chicken & lamb to burgers and a selection of drinks, whatever you prefer.

A selection of appetizers, side dishes, and value meal combos is sure to please your appetite. A huge medley of mouthwatering desserts is also there to satisfy your craving. 

Hungry Lion menu prices South Africa

Does Hungry Lion have the same menu items in all their branch?

Yes, Hungry Lion have the same menu in all their stores in South Africa. Want to enjoy delectable pizza and pastas, must enjoy Panarottis Menu.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact them through the following social media sources:

021 493 2600

Trumali House
Trumali St,
Harringtons Place,
South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hungry Lion offer on its menu?

Hungry Lion offers a massive menu featuring fried chicken, chicken strips, fish, burgers, wraps, salads, and various side dishes.

Does Hungry Lion offer gluten-free options?

Yes. Hungry Lion offers gluten-free options for patrons with dietary restrictions.

Does Hungry Lion offer vegetarian and vegan options?

Absolutely! While primarily focusing on chicken & meat dishes, they also have limited vegetarian options available to make sure everyone can enjoy a tasty meal. 

Does Hungry Lion offer delivery?

Yes, Hungry Lion offers delivery services via their website and 3rd-party delivery services. Availability may vary depending on location, so it’s always good to check at your local store or the website for delivery options.

Is Hungry Lion is Halal in South Africa?

Yes, Hungry Lion offers a selection of Halaal-certified food menu on its massive menu and most of the items can be made halaal. All stores in South Africa, Lesotho and Namibia are Halaal.


Hungry Lion menu prices are wallet-friendly making it a great spot for casual dining with friends and family.

The new Hungry Lion menu has a range of traditional African dishes- everything from appetizers & entrees to value meals. Several vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are also available.

Whether you crave a quick bite or a satisfying meal, Hungry Lion South Africa menu has something for everyone.

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