Fishaways Menu Prices 2023 in South Africa

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Fishaways Menu Prices 2023 in South Africa

Here you’ll find the latest Fishaways menu prices in South Africa, so you can plan your delicious adventure with no surprises. Join us on a tasty journey through Fishaways menu and uncover the delightful updates.

Fishaways South Africa menu offers a delicious range of seafood dishes- from classic seafood options and shrimp scampi to soups, salads, and sandwiches at affordable prices.

From starters and appetizers to main courses, burgers and wraps, salads, sides and extras, and even kid-friendly options, Fishaways South Africa menu has something for everyone. 

Open every day for lunch and dinner and hosting special events, Fishaways is the place to enjoy a variety of affordable seafood, sushi, and other non-seafood dishes. Love mouth-watering Thai specialties, check Simply Asia menu.

Here is the latest Fishaways menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu Item Price

Picked for you

Hake, Rice, Chips & Coleslaw Meal R 88.90
Hake and Chips R 100.90
Hake and Rice R 86.90
Squiggly Pops R 49.90
Calamari Strips R 102.90

Single Eats

Hake Meal (small) R39.90
Hake Meal (medium) R59.90
Hake Meal (large) R79.90
Seafood Hot Pots R44.90
Seafood Paella R79.90
Hake & Calamari Tubes R89.90
Hake & Calamari Strips R86.90
Grilled Hake Meal R68.90
Hake Wrap R44.90
Basa Wrap R44.90
Calamari Wrap R46.90
Prawn Wrap R54.90
Burger Meal with Chips R46.90
Good Life Meal R62.90
Platter For One R109.90

Meals Under 500cal

Basa & Pine Wrap R49.90
Honey Soy Fish Wrap R49.90
Grilled Hake & Veg Stir Fry R52.90
Fishcakes & Green Salad R54.90
Honey Soy Fish Pot R54.90
Rainbow Shrimp Salad R76.90

Sharing Meals

Double Up Meal R99.90
Hake & Calamari Platter R119.90
Hake & Fishcake Platter R134.90
Snack Platter R114.90
Platter For Two R209.90
Family Platter R229.90
Sharing Meal for Three R149.90

Healthier For You

Better For One

Better Sharing

Better Sharing For Two

Better Sharing For Three

Better Sharing For Four

Fishaways Snacks Menu

Hake Slider R26.90
Hake Slider with Chips R36.90
Hake Slider Combo Meal R41.90
Calamari Slider R26.90
Calamari Slider with Chips R36.90
Calamari Slider Combo Meal R48.90
Hake & Onion Rings Slider R19.90
Hake & Onion Rings Slider with Chips R34.90
Hake & Onion Rings Slider Combo Meal R48.90
Onion Rings R18.90
Pop Prawns R41.90
Sriracha Pop Prawns R44.90
Fish Pops R38.90
Squiggly Pops R34.90
Veggie Pops R34.90
Hake Nuggets R38.90
Calamari Strips R38.90
Shrimp Fried Rice R38.90
Fishcake R21.90
Squiggly Box R 86.90
Prawn Box R 93.90
Crunchy Fish Pops R 42.90
Crunchy Veggie Pops R 36.90


Chips (small) R22.90
Chips (medium) R27.90
Chips (large) R32.90
Chips (extra large) R45.90
Rice (small) R22.90
Rice (medium) R27.90
Rice (large) R32.90
Burger Roll R11.90
Veg Stir-Fry R32.90
Hake Fillet (regular) R31.90
Hake Fillet (medium) R42.90
Hake Fillet (large) R59.90
Coleslaw (regular) R27.90
Sriracha Coleslaw (regular) R29.90
Green Salad (regular) R32.90
Green Salad (large) R34.90
Greek Salad (regular) R38.90
Greek Salad (large) R45.90
Extra Sauce R4.90

Fishaways Spicy Hot Pots Menu

Spicy Hake Pot R 73.90
Spicy Prawn Pot R 80.90
Spicy Seafood Pot For Two R 179.90
Spicy Veggie Pot (Fried) R 59.90
Spicy Seafood Pot R 106.90
Spicy Calamari Pot ( Fried) R 69.90

Kids Meals

Fishaways Sides & Sauces Menu

Sauces R 10.90
Medium Chips R 42.90
Large Chips R 53.90

Fishaways Drinks Menu

Full Sugar Can R 21.90
Sugar Free Can R 20.90
Full Sugar Buddy R 24.90
Sugar Free Buddy R 24.90
Soft Drinks 1.5L R 34.90
Sugar Free Soft Drinks 1.5L R 32.90
Water R 19.90
Tisers R 29.90

Fishaways Menu Online

Crunchy Hake Strips Box R 119.90
Crunchy Fish Pops Box R 119.90

About Fishaways Menu and Prices

Fishaways is a South African chain of restaurants specializing in everything Seafood.

It was founded by George Halamandres in 1999. Now, the chain has over 250 restaurants around the country and counting.

It has a simple but very tasty menu for all South African to enjoy and consists fresh grilled or fried fish, calamari, prawns, and a whole lot more.

Fishaways Menu offers all your favourite freshly prepared seafood meals, from classic fish and chips to sharing meals with prawns and calamari as well as healthier takeaway meals that are Under 500 Calories.

Fishaways Menu and Prices may vary depending on the location, you visited.

If you want to save some money, you can see some coupons for the restaurant here.

Fishaways Menu Prices

Does Fishaways have the same menu items in all their branch?

Yes, Fishaways have the same menu in all their stores.

Contact Information

Fishaways Specials & Deals 2023

Fishaways offers great deals and several specials on their menu from time to time. You can head over to their official website to find out what their specials are now.

Below are some of the famous Fishaways Promotions & Specials –

  • Double Slider Meal for only 39.90 – 2 Hake Sliders and Chips. Available Monday – Thursday from 11:30 – 14:30.
  • Hake, Rice & Onion Rings Meal for only 34.90 – Regular Hake with Medium Rice & Onion Rings.
  • Double Hake & Coleslaw Meal for only 89.90 – 2 Medium Hake, Medium Chips and Coleslaw.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of food does Fishaways serve?

Fishaways serves a variety of seafood favorites, including fish and chips, prawns, calamari, and seafood platters. They also serve sushi and other non-seafood dishes. 

Does Fishaways offer takeout or delivery?

Yes, the seafood restaurant offers takeout and delivery services. Place your order using their website or call them directly.

Does Fishaways have a kids’ menu?

Yes, Fishaways offers kids’ menu featuring fish fingers, calamari, burgers, and other kids’ meals.

What are the operating hours for Fishaways?

Fishaways is open every day for lunch and dinner from 10:30 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.


Fishaways menu prices are wallet-friendly making it a great spot for casual dining with friends and family.

Whether you crave a quick bite or a satisfying meal, Fishaways South Africa menu has something for everyone.

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