Denver Zoo Ticket Prices, Membership & Hours Guide

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Denver Zoo Tickets and Membership Guide

With over 4000 animals representing 700+ species, Denver Zoo is a renowned tourist destination offering a unique blend of entertainment, education, and conservation.

Set within 80 acres of City Park, it provides a chance for visitors to earn a better understanding of wildlife. Many Denver Zoo animals in the park play pivotal roles in noteworthy conservation programs.

Each Denver Zoo exhibit is fun to watch and discover; whether it’s Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Fish, or Plants.

Explore exotic varieties of reptiles, fish, and amphibians, see majestic creatures, and be familiar with over 200 species of birds at their special exhibit.

Open all year round, Denver Zoo offers a variety of events and activities including animal encounters, feeding talks, and behind-the-scenes tours.

Do you have plans to visit? Here is everything you need to know about Denver Zoo. I’ll tell you how to get Denver Zoo tickets, Denver Zoo prices, and a lot more!

Denver Zoo Ticket Pricing 2024

Denver Zoo is a fun-filled place that animal and wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy without spending too much and traveling more. 

The Denver Zoo is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and your Denver Zoo tickets cost around $24 for adults.

See the current Denver Zoo prices for tickets and admission –

For March 11th through October 31st:

  • Adults (Ages 16-64): $24
  • Seniors (Ages 65+): $21
  • Kids (Ages 3-15): $18
  • Kids 2 and Under: Free

For November 1st through March 10th:

  • Adults (Ages 16-64): $15.75
  • Seniors (Ages 65+): $13.65
  • Kids (Ages 3-15): $10.50
  • Kids 2 and Under: Free

Bronx Zoo Parking

Car $20
Bus $23
Weekend Preferred Parking at Fountain Circle $27

Stroller and Wheelchair Rentals at Denver Zoo

Single Stroller $10
Double Stroller $13
Push Wheelchair Rental $10
Electric Convenience Vehicle Rental $25

How much is a Denver Zoo Membership?

Denver Zoo Members receive free admission with the following additional benefits –

  • 365 days of access to the zoo.
  • Kids are in Charge! Any adult you nominate can accompany the kids.
  • Access to exclusive kid’s content and promotions
  • Discounts in Zoo Shops
  • Discounts on award-winning accommodation
  • Discounts and pre-sales on our most popular events, including New Year’s Eve
Click Here to find Denver Zoo Membership Prices and Benefits

What to see at Denver Zoo

If you are with your family and kids, we recommend you to spend at least four to five hours o that you can explore as much of the Zoo as possible. 

However, here is the list of the Denver Zoo highlights.

  • African Animals: The zoo is home to an array of African wildlife, including lions, elephants,  giraffes, zebras, tigers, meerkats, monkeys, and rhinos.
  • Asian Animals: Encounter gorgeous Asian creatures like snow leopards, Amur tigers, tapirs, red pandas, siamangs, and Komodo dragons.
  • Australian Wildlife: Explore the wonders of Australian fauna, including kangaroos, wallabies, dingoes, koalas, and platypus.
  • South American Treasures: You also have the chance to watch intriguing South American animals such as sloths, capybaras, tamarins, and giant anteaters.
  • North American Wonders: Discover the fascinating world of North American wildlife.
  • European Fauna: It provides insight into the wealthy tapestry of European wildlife, featuring exhibits with wolves, bears,  lynxes, and otters.
  • Avian Splendor: Bird lovers can delight in the rich avian residents including macaws, owls,  parrots, and flamingos.
  • Reptiles and Amphibians: For reptiles and amphibians enthusiasts, Denver Zoo’s charming collection, contains snakes, turtles, lizards, and crocodiles.
  • Petting Zoo Experience: Moreover, guests can also enjoy an interactive experience at the petting zoo, and get up close with friendly animals.

Denver Zoo prices

What can’t you miss at the Denver Zoo?

Mainly, you can’t miss Denver Zoo’s animal exhibits- it is home to over 700 species brought from all around the world. Observing them interact and play with each other is a very thrilling part of the visit.

Another sensational experience at Denver Zoo is when the zoo keepers feed the animals.  I recommend you to check out what activities are prepared for your visiting day so you don’t miss them- very interesting!

In “The Children’s Zoo,” kids are allowed to feed and pet various animals in a barnyard such as alpacas, donkeys, sheep, goats, or prairie dogs. They will never forget this experience.

To complete your fun-filled day, children can also enjoy the ride of the insect carousel and play on  Nature Trek bridges & walkways.

On-site facilities include gift shops, eateries, and food stands. You can also travel the world in one day by foot, on a safari cycle, or tram tour with a trip to Zoo Miami.

Denver Zoo FREE DAYS 2024

Denver Zoo is offering seven community Free Days throughout 2024 for anyone in the community. To provide the best experience for all guests, Denver Zoo free days with a limited number of tickets. Available now on a first-come, first-served basis. 

  • Friday, January 5
    (tickets released on December 25)
  • Sunday, January 21
    (tickets released on January 10)
  • Sunday, February 11
    (tickets released on January 31)
  • Sunday, April 7
    (tickets released on March 27)
  • Friday, November 1
    (tickets released on October 21)
  • Saturday, November 9
    (tickets released on October 30)
  • Sunday, November 17       
  •  (tickets released on November 6)

Facilities at Denver Zoo

  • Wheelchair Loan: Free manual wheelchairs. Offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Mobility Scooters: Disabled guests can hire a mobility scooter.
  • Pushchair Hire:  pushchair-friendly Gardens, hired for children aged 1-6 at the main entrance. It costs just $10 for a single or double pushchair for the day. 
  • Baby Changing Facilities: Baby changing and feeding facilities are available. 
  • Disabled Toilets: 
  • First Aid: First Aid-trained staff are always present on site. They have a defibrillator located on site.

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Denver Zoo Map – Latest

No explorer begins an adventure without a map! Download our handy online zoo map to plan and guide your visit to Denver Zoo. Click here to download the Denver Zoo map and embark on an unforgettable adventure this summer at Denver zoo.

Where to eat at the Denver Zoo?

Your visit takes several hours so you may find you work up an appetite- take a break and grab a light bite to recharge your batteries!

The zoo is full of restaurants where you can stop for a while and eat on your visit. The following restaurants are open:

  • Samburu Grille
  • Brown Bear
  • Kamala Café
  • Cup and Cone
  • Zoo Gardens Beer Garden
  • Scratch Food Truck
  • Craft Food Truck
  • Simply Pizza Food Truck

Contact Denver Zoo customer service


For ticket sales of groups 20+ —

Denver Zoo prices FAQs

What time does Denver Zoo open?

The Denver Zoo opens at 10 AM.

How long is Denver Zoo membership good for?

Memberships are valid for 12 months from the purchase month. 

Can you bring your own food to Denver Zoo?

Guests are allowed to bring their own food and drink to the zoo.

What age is free at Denver Zoo?

Denver Zoo admission and all available attractions are FREE for children 2 and under. 


Every visit to Denver Zoo is unique and unpredictable- you never know what you’ll see or how you might connect with the animals. Denver Zoo fosters community and creates an inviting culture for all to enjoy.

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