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Pizza Perfect Menu, Prices & Specials 2023

Searching for a perfect lunch or dinner for you and your family? Then you must visit Pizza Perfect at least once.

Pizza Perfect provides you with numerous tasty pizza options to delight your taste buds. The South African pizza chain has pizza selections for you, baked in a wood-fired oven with the freshest ingredients.

Pizza Perfect Menu consists of a variety of our delicious pizzas and a whole lot more.

Down below, you’ll find a read version of the Pizza Perfect Menu with Prices. Along with Pizza Perfect Specials, Pizza Perfect Hours, Pizza Perfect Coupons and other useful details.

Let’s check the most updated Pizza Perfect Menu Prices in South Africa.

Menu Item Prices

Deluxe Pizza

Perfect Signature Pizza R110.00
Bella R115.00
Maestro R130.00
Carnivoris R109.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken R110.00
Caribbean R109.00
The Godfather R135.00
Mystic R109.00
Chicken Nachos R125.00

Original Pizza

California (23cm) R76.00
California (30cm) R109.00
BBQ Chicken (23cm) R72.00
BBQ Chicken (30cm) R105.00
La Nonna (23cm) R76.00
La Nonna (30cm) R109.00
Europa (23cm) R71.00
Europa (30cm) R104.00
Chicken Mayo (23cm) R72.00
Chicken Mayo (30cm) R105.00
Mexicana (23cm) R76.00
Mexicana (30cm) R109.00
Bolognaise (23cm) R72.00
Bolognaise (30cm) R105.00
El Greco (23cm) R70.00
El Greco (30cm) R100.00
Spicy Chicken (23cm) R76.00
Spicy Chicken (30cm) R109.00
Steak (23cm) R76.00
Steak (30cm) R109.00
Miami (23cm) R75.00
Miami (30cm) R107.00
Tikka Chicken (23cm) R79.00
Tikka Chicken 30cm R112.00
Spare Rib (23cm) R76.00
Spare Rib (30cm) R109.00
Chicken Bacon (23cm) R79.00
Chicken Bacon (30cm) R112.00

Favourite Pizza

Cheesy Nachos (23cm) R69.00
Cheesy Nachos (30cm) R99.00
Veg Exotico (23cm) R68.00
Veg Exotico (30cm) R97.00
Pepperoni (23cm) R63.00
Pepperoni (30cm) R90.00
La Med (23cm) R68.00
La Med (30cm) R97.00
Four Seasons (23cm) R69.00
Four Seasons (30cm) R99.00
Las Vegas (23cm) R65.00
Las Vegas (30cm) R95.00
Vegetarian (23cm) R59.00
Vegetarian (30cm) R85.00
Sicliana (23cm) R64.00
Sicliana (30cm) R92.00
Bacon (23cm) R68.00
Bacon (30cm) R97.00
Spicy Chourizo (23cm) R72.00
Spicy Chourizo (30cm) R105.00
Geroni (23cm) R58.00
Geroni (30cm) R83.00
Tiri (23cm) R62.00
Tiri (30cm) R92.00
Mafiosa (23cm) R56.00
Mafiosa (30cm) R80.00
Regina (23cm) R64.00
Regina (30cm) R92.00
Margherita (23cm) R53.00
Margherita (30cm) R75.00
Hawaiian (23cm) R64.00
Hawaiian (30cm) R92.00
Bacon and Banana (23cm) R62.00
Bacon and Banana (30cm) R89.00
Chicken Livers (23cm) R62.00
Chicken Livers (30cm) R89.00

Pizza Bread

Garlic Pizza Bread (23cm) R28.00
Garlic Pizza Bread (30cm) R39.00
Garlic Pizza Bread Supreme (23cm) R37.00
Garlic Pizza Bread Supreme (30cm) R53.00

Dessert Pizza

Candyland R45.00
Strawberry Oreo R45.00
Rocky Road R45.00
Peppermint Crispy R45.00


6 Chicken Wings R39.00
10 Chicken Wings R61.00
20 Chicken Wings, Large Chips & Dips R147.00
5 Chicken Strips R32.00
10 Chicken Strips R50.00
Chicken Wrap R43.00

Chicken Burgers

Perfect Chicken Burger R65.00
Chicken Burger R40.00
Chicken Cheese Burger R45.00
Hawaiian Chicken Burger R50.00
Hawaiian Cheese Chicken Burger R55.00


Vegetarian Sub (20cm) R44.00
Vegetarian Sub (40cm) R85.00
Mexicana Sub (20cm) R47.00
Mexicana Sub (40cm) R87.00
Spicy Chicken Sub (20cm) R47.00
Spicy Chicken Sub (40cm) R87.00
La Nonna Sub (20cm) R49.00
La Nonna Sub (40cm) R89.00
Steak Sub (20cm) R49.00
Steak Sub (40cm) R89.00
Hawaiian Sub (20cm) R44.00
Hawaiian Sub (40cm) R85.00
Perfect Sub (20cm) R59.00
Perfect Sub (40cm) R95.00
Miami Sub (20cm) R50.00
Miami Sub (40cm) R90.00


Lasagne Creme R98.00
Original Lasagne R89.00
Chicken Lasagne R89.00
Fettuccine Alfredo R85.00
Spaghetti Bolognaise R89.00


Chicken Salad R44.00
Greek Salad R38.00
Italian Salad R38.00

Kids Meals

Kids Chicken Nuggets Meal R50.00
Kids Pizza Meal R50.00


Chips (large) R22.00
Chips (regular) R27.00
Extra Dips (small) R5.00
Extra Dips (regular) R9.00

Pizza Perfect Specials

Everyday Madness – 2 Regular Chicken & Cheese Burgers R68.00
Anytime Special – Margherita Pizza, 1 Meat, 1 Veg, & Buddy Soda R70.00

About Pizza Perfect Menu and Prices

Pizza Perfect is a South African pizza chain specializing in a variety of delicious pizzas. 

It was founded with the simple goal of providing quality food, ensuring the satisfaction of its customers 100% of the time. 

Pizza Perfect Menu Specials

It has a simple but very tasty menu for all South African to enjoy. 

Each section of the menu brings you a fantastic range of pizzas to order. They also vary in price depending on the category (but not by much).

Without a doubt, you’ll most certainly be pleased with any pizza you order.

Available Pizza Flavours are Beef & Cheese, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Chicken Supreme, Hawaiian, Hot One, Pepperoni Deluxe, Regina, Triple Cheese, Tropical and Vegetarian.

Does Pizza Perfect have the same menu items in all their branch?

Yes, Pizza Perfect has the same menu in all their stores.

Pizza Perfect Menu Specials & Deals

Pizza Perfect offers great deals and several specials on its menu from time to time. You can head over to their official website to find out what their specials are now.

Pizza Perfect Menu Prices

Pizza Perfect Near Me Location


So, this is what we have shared the latest, up-to-date Pizza Perfect Menu Prices, Pizza Perfect Coupons, and Pizza Perfect Specials.

If you have any other questions you’d like to ask about Pizza Perfect, leave a comment below.

Enjoy your pizza!