1. I loved working there, and it was hard for me to retire, but it was now or never.
    We had the required equipment at our disposal, tools needed to do the job.
    They allowed me to grow professionally, and valued my opinion greatly. I felt well respected by administration, and my peers.
    I may go back for PRN as time goes on.

  2. This is a great company to work for and allows for many educational opportunities and growth with in the company. I feel grateful for the many opportunities that I have had with in this company.

  3. I absolutely loved my ER family, as well as my patients that I was able to make an impact on. Truly found my calling thanks to this experience at this hospital.

  4. I enjoyed working there . The part about what I loved my job the most was the patients. They where able to put a smile on your face after you had a long day.

  5. Atrium does an excellent job with training staff in all positions. Work place culture is very collaborative.
    Good support from upper management. Company is culturally diverse. Respectful of everyone.

    1. Go to Account Settings on the main menu and click Family Access. Click on link to Request access to a minor’s record to complete and submit your request for access. Sign in to the mobile app, tap the Menu icon at the top of your screen, and tap Family Access under Account Settings.

  6. Great company to work for over the last 14 years! most days there is something new and exciting to work on. I am always on the go and it’s never boring!

  7. I love working for Atrium Health. There are endless opportunities and possibilities if you set your mind to it. The management team I work with is very supportive. The hours are flexible. The diversity and workplace culture is excellent.

  8. I was only there for an internship but I have mixed emotions about it. The management was pretty awesome but there was definitely issues with the co workers that weren’t being solved. Definitely not something I wanted to start my career out with

  9. The teammates here are really nice and proactive. Training is very important and I feel like I am being heard. I love working in such a great environment.

  10. Love working for this company. Facility is very well maintained. Great staff works well with each other. The facility is a great teaching environment.

  11. Great place to work, competitive salary and benefits. Workplace culture was always an Important value to Atrium Health. I would recommend Atrium Health as a place to work.

  12. Room for growth, and a atmosphere of working with family everyday. The company is dedicated to their patients and employees. Work life balance, and family time matters to the company.

  13. My experience with being a student in preceptorship has been great. It has a great teaching environment. It would be a great place to work. The facilities are great.

  14. Very great culture. Everyone is very supportive and friendly. The benefits and pay are also very nice. They have a good employee rating system that allows you to grow within the company.

  15. I enjoy working with my co workers. Its a great place to work. I love the location. Its close to my home. I enjoy the work that I do and the customers that I come in contact with everyday.

  16. Loved everything about this job i miss working there. at the wayneview location. No complaints miss my awesome co workers. i would definitely go bac if i could

    1. Call at 800-821-1535 to ask a question or request more information. And, Call at 704-512-7171 to ask a question about your Atrium Health bill.

  17. Awesome place to work. Very family oriented and much support given during the pandemic. Consider this to be one of the very best places to work hands down.

  18. The temp pool is an excellent way to get your foot in the door. I worked a couple of temporary assignments and was remembered when the full-time staff left their position.

  19. Decent place to work if you are wanting money and not there for career advancement. Forced to receive the experimental vaccine if you want a pay check.

    1. Atrium Health misijas paziņojums ir: uzlabot veselību, celt cerību un veicināt dziedināšanu – visiem. Atrium Health vīzijas paziņojums ir: būt valsts līderim veselības, mācību un kopienas jomā.

  20. Benefits are extremely expensive but the HSA, 401, and maternity leave are great.

  21. They give you flex-time and allow various schedules for a better commute/family atmosphere.

  22. I receive PTO, 401K, health, dental and vision benefits as well as short-term and long-term disability, great perks!

  23. No room to grow working as a Clinical Tech. you’re there to do everybody’s else while your on your feet 12 hours . Eating seems like a crime! worst place to work, Don’t expect any good raises for all your hard work ,or even a simple thank you .very unappreciated techs are!

  24. I love working for Atrium Health. Benefits and compensation is fair. My management team has been nothing but wonderful and they always keep my best interest in mind. I highly suggest beginning a career at Atrium Health!

  25. Staffing isn’t always great and the pay is poor compared to other companies. It is a good place to work if they would just pay more. Management could be more involved with employees.

  26. Great experience! Built a great rapport with colleagues and patients. There’s always room to learn and utilize experiences to benefit the livelihood of every individual encountered.

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