La Calabria Menu and Prices in United Kingdom

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La Calabria Menu Prices UK

La Calabria is serving rustic Italian cuisine in the UK. Find all items on the La Calabria menu- from breakfast to brunch, lunch through to dinner, and their prices.

Whenever you visit, you’ll enjoy a gorgeous La Calabria menu of homemade pasta and tasty dishes- made from fresh local produce. 

From homemade pasta and parma ham to salami and a variety of vegetables, La Calabria menu has something to suit every taste bud and budget.

La Calabria menus cater to all dietary needs, with satisfying plant-based options and an excellent choice of gluten-free options.

La Calabria Menu Prices

Here’s the latest La Calabria menu 2023 with prices in the United Kingdom –

La Calabria Menu and Prices UK

Item Price


Belly Pork
Belly Pork slices glazed in mammas honey glazed sauce served with deseed mixed salad
Bruschetta V
Chopped cherry tomatoes, mixed with olive oil, basil, and oregano topped on dressed ciabatta bread rubbed with olive oil and garlic
Calamari coated in flour and shallow fried to a light batter served with garlic mayonnaise, lemon wedges and salad garnish
Goats Cheese
Goats Cheese wrapped in breadcrumbs topped with crispy onions and balsamic glaze set on a bed of mixed salad and topped with Grana Padano cheese
Stuffed Mushrooms V
Field mushrooms stuffed with dolcelatte cheese, pan-fried in breadcrumbs served with rocket-leaf salad, topped with grated hard vegetarian Italian cheese.
Calabrian Antipasti
Cured meats of Prosciutto cotto, coppa, sweet and spicy salami with ramekins of mixed olives, and pickled vegetables with sliced ciabatta bread
£8.95/Large £12.95
Garlic King Prawns
King Prawns cooked in butter, garlic, and white wine set on a bed of salad garnish and served with a ramekin of Chilli Jam

Pasta Dishes

Carbonara V
Penne served with pan-fried bacon, parsley, white wine, porcine mushrooms cooked in a butter, garlic, and cream sauce topped with Grana Padano cheese
£12.95/Vegetarian option £11.95
Homemade free-range egg lasagne with a rich bolognese and bechamel sauce served with side salad or chips
Pizza V
Choose up to 3 toppings to put on our freshly prepared 12 inch-stone baked pizzas – ham, pineapple, sweet corn, salami, pepperoni, peppers, olives, mushrooms, jalapenos, rocket, anchovies, tuna, capers
£16.95/Margherita £13.95
Pollo alla Panna
Chicken and sliced mushrooms cooked in white wine mixed in a creamy and rich tomato sauce served with penne pasta topped with grana padano cheese and parsley
Puttanesca V £13.95
Mammas homemade Calabria pork sausages stuffed with pork mince, wild fennel and red chilli pepper served with Rigatoni pasta and topped with Grana Padano cheese
Linguine Salmone
Diced smoked salmon and salmon fillet pan-fried in butter, garlic, coriander and a dash of double cream topped with Grana Padano cheese
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Spaghetti served in a rich red wine, mince meat, and tomato sauce topped with basil and Grana Padano cheese

House Specials

Frutta di Mare
Prawns, clam meat, queen scallops, calamari,  mussels slowly cooked with white wine, onions, tomatoes, and parsley served with linguine pasta- topped with parsley, Grana Padano cheese
Pollo Marsala
Pan-fried Chicken breast slowly cooked in a butter, sweet Italian marsala sherry sauce served with garlic and rosemary-infused roasted potatoes and green beans
Saltimboca alla Calabrese £24.95

Side Orders

Bowl of Chips  V £3.50
Bowl of Mixed Olives  V £3.25
Cheesy Chips  V £3.95
Garlic Ciabatta   V £3.50
Garlic Ciabatta and Cheese  V £3.95
Mixed Salad with Walnuts and Parmesan   V £4.50
Tomato& Red Onion Salad  V £4.25
Bread, Oil and Balsamic  V £3.25


Crushed amaretto biscuits soaked in marsala sherry served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and topped with espresso coffee
Apple & Blackberry Crumble
Mammas traditional Apple and Blackberry Crumble served with cream, custard or with a scoop of our home-made ice cream
Biscoff Cheesecake £6.95
Fresh double cream, fresh milk, and sugar infused with vanilla essence and set in a creamy mousse topped with a strawberry coulis and double cream
Sticky Toffee Pudding
A moist toffee sponge topped with toffee sauce and served with cream, custard, or homemade ice cream
Ladies fingers soaked in espresso coffee and sweet marsala sherry topped with mascarpone and chocolate shavings
Tonis Homemade Ice Cream
Make your own sundaes from our ice-cream display, 3 scoops, fresh whipped cream and one topping

Children’s menu at La Calabria

From classic favorites to more adventurous dishes, La Calabria Kids Menu have something to suit even the fussiest of little eaters. Don’t forget to check the latest Browns menu and prices.

Item Price


Penne pasta cooked with eggs butter and bacon
Chicken with Breadcrumbs
Pan fried chicken breast wrapped in crispy breadcrumbs served with chips
Kids Polpetti
Penne pasta topped with mamma’s homemade beef and pork meatballs and cooked in a rich tomato sauce
Homemade free-range egg lasagne with a rich bolognese sauce and bechamel served with salad or chips
Pasta con Sugo    V
Spaghetti pasta served with a plain tomato and basil sauce
Pizza    V
Choose up to three toppings for our tasty pizza’s ham, pineapple, mushroom, salami, sweet corn, peppers, onions, pepperoni, olives
£7.95/Margherita – £6.25
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Spaghetti served in a rich tomato and minced beef sauce


Ice Cream Sundae
Choose two scoops from our ice cream display topped with whipped cream and topping
Pinocchio Cup
Vanilla ice cream decorated in smarties and chocolate fingers topped with strawberry sauce
Spaghetti Ice
Spaghetti-shaped vanilla ice cream set on whipped cream- topped with strawberry topping and white chocolate shavings

La Calabria Drinks Menu

The restaurant truly offers a huge selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on its massive drink menu. Craving some Mexican food at reasonable prices, look no further than Barburrito.

Item Price

Wine List

Bin 1 Pieno Sud Bianco (Sicilia) (2)
Bin 12 Pieno Sud Rosso (Sicilia Italy House Red) £4.70 /£6.00
Bin 13 Vialetto Negroamaro (Puglia Italy) £4.80 /£6.30
Bin 14 Merlot Terre del Noce (Dolomiti Italy) £5.40 /£7.20
Bin 15 Candidato Tempranillo (Spain) £20.00
Bin 16 Morande Pionero Pinot Noir Reserva (Chile) £24.00
Bin 17 Punta de Vacas Malbec (Argentina) £24.00
Bin 18 Feudo Arancio Nero Davola (Sicily Italy) £25.00
Bin 2 Klienkloof Sauvignon Blanc (South Africa) £4.70/£6.00/£17.50
Bin 21 Tormareca Neprico Primitivo (Puglia Italy) £29.00
Bin 23 Barolo Prunotto (Piemonte Italy) £51.00
Bin 24 Pieno Sud Rosato (House Rose Puglia Italy) £4.70 / £6.00
Bin 25 Poggia Alto Zinfandel Blush (Veneto Italy) £5.00 / £6.80
Bin 27 Prosecco Brut Itinera (Veneto Italy) £23.00
Bin 29 Prosecco Rose Itinera (Veneto Italy) £23.00
Bin 3 Pinot Grigio Terre del Noce (Dolomite) £5.00/£6.80/£20.00
Bin 30 Viticoltori Acquesi Rose Brut (Piedmont Italy) £23.00
Bin 31 Champagne Drappier Brur 1er Cru (France) £46.00
Bin 32 Champagne Testulat Rose (France) £46.00
Bin 4 Casasole Orvieto Classico Amabile (Umbria) £5.00/£6.80/£20.00
Bin 5 Foxwood Dawn Picked Voignier (France) £22.00
Bin 6 Feudo Arancio Grillo (Sicilia) £24.00
Bin 7 Castel Firmian Chardonnay (Trentino) £25.00
Bin 8 Featherdrop Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) £25.00
Bin 9 Silenzi Bianco Vermantino (Sardinia) £26.00

 La Calabria Opening Times 2023

Lunch Dinner
Monday Closed Closed
Tuesday 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm
Wednesday 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm
Thursday 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm
Friday 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm
Saturday 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm
Sunday Closed Closed

La Calabria Customer Support

For any questions or booking inquiries, please contact the restaurant via –

Address:La Calabria
SA44 5JT

Tel:01239 851101

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does La Calabria have a dress code?

Yes, La Calabria has a smart casual dress code. Sportswear and trainers are not permitted.

What is the cancellation policy for La Calabria?

They offer a full refund policy if the booking is canceled two weeks before.

Is there a La Calabria kids menu?

Yes, La Calabria has a children’s menu featuring a variety of kids’ meals.

Do La Calabria offer vegan menu?

Yes, La Calabria offers a vegan menu featuring a variety of vegan options for starters, mains, and desserts.

What’s on the La Calabria drinks menu?

La Calabria serves a range of drinks such as cocktails, mocktails, wine, beer, and several non-alcoholic beverages.

Does La Calabria offer breakfast?

La Calabria offers breakfast items that can make your morning magical. Availability varies depending on the location. Premier Inn breakfast times has been updated in 2023.


Whether you crave a quick bite or a satisfying meal, the La Calabria menu has something for everyone.

La Calabria prices are very competitive and most items are priced under £20. 

With its convenient location and affordable prices, La Calabria is the perfect place to stop for a quick bite to eat. 

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