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Como Safari Park Prices 2023

If you’re visiting Mississippi with your family, a trip to the Safari Wild Animal Park is a must. Located on the Cosmo, this premier Safari Park provides opportunities to get up close and personal with animals, interact, feed, and photograph.

Como Safari Park features a stunning 466-acre authentic African drive-through and walk-through safari park and wild animal preserve.

Your kids will surely love learning about amazing Wild African Animals up close and personal, with Giraffe feeding, lorikeet feeding, camel rides, and a children’s petting safari.

Open every day from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Como Safari Park Prices/Entry Fees fluctuate seasonally. It also offers numerous hands-on activities.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Como Safari Park tickets and membership prices, discount offers, and other useful details as per their official website.

Como Safari Park Prices

Como Safari Park Prices & Entry Fees 2023

The list below offers an overview of the park’s fees.

Make sure to cross-check the Como Safari Park prices before you visit the park –

Adults (13-64 years of age) $22.95 (plus tax)
Children (2-12 years of age) $17.95 (plus tax)
Seniors (65 + years of age) $20.95 (plus tax)
Safari Feed Bags $4.95

Group rates apply for schools, reunions, assisted living, churches, special needs, tour companies, corporations, scouts, daycare, summer camps, and all other organizations and groups.

Como Safari Park Membership

Starting at $65, Annual Membership at the park offers all-year free entry to the park along with great discounts to enjoy.

The list below offers an overview of the Annual Membership fees.

Make sure to cross-check the Como Safari Park Annual Membership Plans –

One Person
All ages
Two People
All ages
Family of Six
2 Adults + 4 Children under 21 years old, living in the same household

Additional Information

  • Membership is valid for one year from the purchase date.
  • Members must use their membership code to book advance tickets.
  • The last car is admitted at 4 pm.

Como Safari Park Animal Encounters and Activities

Some of the popular animal encounters and activities in the park include:

  •  Camel Rides:
    • A great way to explore African park’s wilderness from a good height.
    • Camel rides are always fun, easy, and suited for everyone.
  •  Giraffe Feeding:
    • Get close to beautiful creatures.
    • Feed them their favorite food, acacia or fruits, herbs, leaves, and seeds.
  • Lorikeet Feeding:
    • The lorikeets at the park are highly active, and curious and are always eager to take food. from your hands.
    • Those beautiful birds love nectar.
  • Petting Zoo Barn:
    • The Petting zoo at the park features wild and domesticated animals.
    • Friendly and agreeable to touch and feed.

Como Safari Park Park & Road Rules

To enjoy the best experience on your Safari, make sure to consider the following rules –

  • No smoking
  • No alcohol or firearms
  • Do not feed on hand or feed bag
  • Stay in the vehicle at all times with doors closed
  • Do not honk your horn (this will spook and scare the animals)
  • Pull off to the side of the road when stopping
  • No motorcycles, or jeeps with no doors or tops
  • Do not feed anything other than animal feed purchased 

Como Safari Park Map

We recommend bringing a Como Safari Park Map with you so that you can view all of its exhibits, animals, and attractions.

At Como Safari Park, you can visit exotic and native animal species, choose to eat at one of our eateries, and make use of the many facilities available for guests.

Como Safari Park

Como Safari Park Ticket Booking

If you want to book your tickets or have any queries, feel free to call 662-526-0001.

You may also write to us at or use this Online Form.

What time does the Safari Wild Animal Park open?

The park is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day of the year.

More places to visit-

How do I contact Como Safari Park?

Safari Wild Animal Park & Preserve, LLC
1549 Rooks Road
Como, Mississippi 38619

Phone: 662-526-0001


That concludes our run-down of the Como Safari Park.

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