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Angel’s Pizza Menu Price List Philippines 2023

Welcome to the delicious world of Angels Pizza Menu- one of the Philippines’s leading Pizzaria.

With a variety of classic and specialty pizzas, appetizers, salads, and desserts, there’s something for everyone on the Angels Pizza menu. All are made to order and priced affordably to ensure you get the best value for your money. 

In this article, we’ll explore Angels Pizza menu prices in the Philippines, so you can get an idea of what to expect while ordering your next meal from this Pizzeria.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic margarita or something more exotic, you’ll surely find something to love on the Angels Pizza menu.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to drool over some of the tastiest menu items at Angels Pizza, while learning Angels Pizza prices you can expect to pay.

Here’s the latest Angel’s Pizza price list for 2023 in the Philippines –

Angel’s Pizza Menu Price List 2023

Angels Pizza

Medium 9″ Family 12″ Big Family 14″
Garlic Shrimp ₱355 ₱505 ₱610
Halleluia Mozzarella ₱370 ₱510 ₱655
Creamy Garlic & 5 Cheese ₱355 ₱505 ₱610
Creamy Spinach Dip ₱370 ₱515 ₱655
Angel’s Supreme ₱355 ₱505 ₱610
Big Kahuna Hawaiian ₱355 ₱505 ₱610
Toppings So Bongga ₱370 ₱515 ₱655
All Meat ₱355 ₱505 ₱610
Angel’s On Fire ₱370 ₱515 ₱610
Chicken Aloha ₱370 ₱515 ₱655
Angel’s Pepperoni ₱355 ₱505 ₱610
Angel’s Aloha ₱320 ₱460 ₱540
Triple Treat ₱515 ₱655
Pizza Overload ₱350 ₱490 ₱624
Cheesy Burger ₱355 ₱505 ₱610
Garden Of Eden ₱370 ₱515 ₱655
All Meat Texas BBQ ₱370 ₱515 ₱655
Buffalo Chicken ₱355 ₱505 ₱610


Mac & Cheese Platter ₱339
Cheesy Lasagna ₱165
Carbonara Regular ₱105
Asian Chicken Pasta Platter ₱355
Classic Spaghetti Regular ₱95
Carbonara Platter with 8 pcs Bread Stick ₱355
Mac & Cheese ₱115
Mac and Cheese Platter ₱355
Tomato Cream and Shrimp Penne ₱180
Asian Chicken Pasta ₱115
Spaghetti Platter with 8 pcs Bread Stick ₱315

Double Deal

Family 12″ Big Family 14″
Supreme ₱600 ₱790
Pepperoni ₱600 ₱790
Cheesy Burger ₱600 ₱790
Creamy Spinach Dip ₱600 ₱790
Toppings So Bongga ₱600 ₱790
Angel’s Aloha ₱600 ₱790
Garlic Shrimp ₱600 ₱790
Buffalo Chicken ₱600 ₱790
Chicken Aloha ₱600 ₱790
All Meat ₱500 ₱790
Big Kahuna Hawaiian ₱600 ₱790
Triple Threat ₱600 ₱790
Halleluia Mozzarella ₱600 ₱790
Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese ₱600 ₱790
Angel’s On Fire ₱600 ₱790
Pizza Overload ₱570 ₱750
Garden Of Eden ₱600 ₱790


Tuna ₱75
Ham, Beef, and Mushroom ₱59
Bacon ₱75

Double Deckers

Cheesy Melt ₱705
Cheesy Burger ₱705

Combo Meals

Chicken Nugget With Golden Curls ₱248.00
1pc Chicken & Spaghetti ₱179.00
1pc Chicken & Carbonara ₱179.00
1pc Chicken With Spaghetti And Golden Curls ₱276.00
1pc Chicken & Rice ₱138.00
1pc Chicken With Carbonara And Golden Curls ₱276.00
1pc Chicken With Golden Curls * Clone * ₱242.00
2pcs Chicken & Rice ₱218.00
Angels Bucket Of 6 ₱673.00
Angels Bucket Of 6 With 4pcs & 1.5L Coke ₱846.00


Brownies ₱100
Apple Crumble Turnover ₱55
Halo-Halo ₱105

Sides Items

Parmesan Chicken Wings ₱279
Extra Rice ₱15
Honey Glazed Chicken Wings ₱279
6 pcs Chicken Nuggets ₱130
Golden Curls ₱100
Potato Tots ₱59
Plain Cheese Sauce Dip ₱20
Holy Seasoned Fries ₱85
Buffalo Chicken Wings ₱279
Pepper Chili Cheese Dip ₱20
Tacos ₱70
6 pcs Breadsticks ₱30
Tangy Tomato Dip ₱20
Sour Cream Dip ₱20

All Day Breakfast

Rise, N Shine, ₱140
Mexican Beef Wrap ₱140
Chorizo Rice Bakes ₱140


Angel’s Halo Halo ₱121.00
Brownie Square ₱115.00
Apple Crumble ₱58.00
Banana Split ₱156.00
Triple Chocolate Brownie Ala Mode ₱156.00
Apple Crumble Turnover A La Mode ₱156.00


Coke in Can ₱55
1.5L Coke Zero ₱95
Sprite in Can ₱55
Minute Maid ₱50
16oz Iced Tea ₱35
12oz Iced Tea ₱25
Real Leaf Tea ₱55
Bottled Water ₱25
1.5L Coke ₱95

Best seller of Angels Pizza menu 2023

Angels Pizza Menu

Angel’s Pizza Creamy Spinach Dip

It’s your go-to Angel’s Pizza flavor- a truly unique, creamy dreamy delight. This Angel’s Pizza Creamy Spinach dip pizza made with white cheese, onions, mayonnaise, cheddar, parmesan, cream cheese, pizza cheese, and bunches of spinach.

Your first bite of this slice will surely be an OMG why haven’t I tried this before?

Garlic Shrimp Pizza

Craving no-meat pizza? look no further than Angel’s Pizza’s Garlic Shrimp- Angel’s Pizza’s best-sellers for good reason. It features plump shrimp, garlic, creamy garlic sauce, mozzarella cheese, and cheddar cheese- another heavenly pizza slice.

Cheeseburger Pizza

This Angel’s Pizza’s flavors are an instant favorite. It features crumbled beef, mozzarella, and bacon, on a crisp pizza crust.

Halleluia Mozarella Pizza

This is Angel’s Pizza’s basic cheese pizza with a crust, delectable mozzarella cheese, and ooey-gooey tomato sauce. This fresh from the oven, Angel’s Pizza’s Halleluia Mozzarella is exactly that one from your core memory.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Angel’s Pizza’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza is right mix of buffalo chicken chunks, buffalo chicken wings sauce, onion, bleu cheese, and mozzarella cheese.

Angels Pizza Delivery & Takeout Menu

Angels Pizza makes pizza ordering very convenient for its patrons. 

You can order your favorite Angels Pizza online by using the website- or use third-party delivery services.

Angels Pizza online ordering is available from 10 am – 6 pm daily. 

Angels Pizza can also be bought directly from the store during their opening times.

Call the Angels Pizza customer support line to learn more about Angels Pizza orders.

How do I contact Angel’s Pizza?

Email: Contact Us

Telephone: 922-2222

Head Office Adress: 170 Corazon De Jesus Street, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila, Philippines

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Angels Pizza has been serving up a variety of pizzas, appetizers, salads, desserts, and more for over 20 years, using the freshest, high-quality ingredients. All are made to order and priced affordably to ensure you get the best value for your money. 

Angel’s Pizza is the perfect place to go for a delicious, affordable pizza.

No matter what you order, you’re sure to enjoy your meal at Angels Pizza.