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Zizzi Menu and Prices in UK 2023

Zizzi is serving fantastic Italian cuisine in the UK since 1999. Find here, all the items on the Zizzi menu, from pizzas & pasta dishes to appetizers & salads, and their prices.

Zizzi is all about delicious Italian food with a twist to surprise and delight all tastes. New Zizzi menu is bursting with exciting Italian dishes.

Zizzi restaurant menu serves tasty Italian dishes- from Rustica Pizzas and mouth-watering Pasta, and risotto to hearty salads and indulgent desserts – all in a uniquely designed restaurant.

The Italian restaurant also has an extensive vegetarian, vegan, and non-gluten menu offering as well as a Bambini kids menu. Zizzi also offers both delivery and takeaway services.

Here is the list of the latest Zizzi Menu prices in 2023 in the UK:

Zizzi Menu Price List UK


Zizzi Z Recommends

Rustica Piccante – 18 inches £14.95
Rustica Pepperoni Campagna – 18 inches £14.50
Spaghetti Chorizo Carbonara £13.95
King Prawn Linguine £14.95
Calamari – Large £13.35
Garlic Bread with Mozzarella (V) £6.95
SPECIAL GUEST ⭐ Carbonara Arancini £7.50

Zizzi Bundles ⭐ NEW ⭐

Anytime Bundle for 2 £29.95
Feed 4 £59.90

Zizzi Rustica Pizza

18 inches

Rustica Margherita (V) £12.95
Rustica Pure Pepperoni  £13.95
Rustica Chicken & Mushroom  £11.95
Rustica Pepperoni Campagna  £14.50
Rustica Pinoli (V) £13.95
Rustica Hot ‘N Spicy Jackfruit (V) (Ve) £14.25
NEW ⭐ Rustica Veggie vs. Veggie (V) £14.25
Rustica Primavera (V)  £14.75
NEW ⭐ Rustica Chicken & Fiery Roquito  £14.95
Rustica Piccante £14.95
Rustica Meat Sofia  £15.50
NEW ⭐ Rustica Hot Potato & Calabrian Sausage  £15.95
Vegan Rustica Margherita (V) (Ve) £12.75

Zizzi Classic Pizza & Calzone

NEW ⭐ Pinoli (V) £11.95
NEW ⭐ Margherita (V) £10.95
NEW ⭐ Pepperoni Campagna £12.50
Calzone Carne Piccante £14.45
Calzone Pollo Spinaci £14.25

Zizzi Pasta & Risotto

Rigatoni Pomodoro (V) £10.95
Lentil Ragù (V) (Ve) £11.50
Spaghetti Bolognese £12.95
Rigatoni Pesto Rosso £13.95
Spaghetti Chorizo Carbonara £14.50
King Prawn Linguine £14.95
Casareccia Pollo Piccante £14.95
Vegan Rigatoni Pomodoro (V) (Ve) £10.95
NEW ⭐ Vegan All-The-Greens Risotto (V) (Ve) £12.50
NEW ⭐ Chicken and Pancetta Risotto £14.50
NEW ⭐ Lasaaaaagne £14.45
NEW ⭐ All Out Lasagne £16.25
NEW ⭐ Vegan Rainbow Lasagne (V) (Ve) £13.95

Zizzi Salads

NEW ⭐ The Caesar £13.95
NEW ⭐ The Zucca (V) £12.95
Chicken & Prosciutto Salad £14.95
Super Zucca Salad (V) £13.95

Zizzi Starters & Sides

Garlic Bread (V) (Ve) £5.95
Garlic Bread with Mozzarella (V) £6.95
Cheesy Garlic Bread (V) £6.95
Cheesy Chilli Garlic Bread (V) £6.95
NEW ⭐ Loaded Bolognese Chips £5.25
Chips (V) (Ve)- Regular £4.25
Chips (V) (Ve) – Large £5.95
Sweet Potato Fries (V) (Ve) £4.25
NEW ⭐ Courgette Fritti (V) £4.50
NEW ⭐ Little Soul Breads (V) £6.95
NEW ⭐ Mozzarella Arancini (V) £6.95
NEW ⭐ Grazing Board for 2 £14.25
Calamari – Regular £7.75
Calamari – Large £13.35
Bruschetta (V) (Ve) £6.75
NEW ⭐ Caprese Salad (V) £6.95
Mixed Leaf Salad (V) £4.15

Zizzi Desserts

Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie (V) £6.85
Chocolate Melt (V) £6.25
NEW ⭐ Tiramisu (V) £6.95
When Tiramisu Met Brownie (V) £6.95
Zillionaire’s Slice (V) (Ve) £6.95


Lemon Meringue Sundae (V) £5.95
Banana & Salted Caramel Sundae (V) £5.95

By The Scoop

Vanilla (V) (3 Scoops) £4.95
Chocolate (V) (3 Scoops) £4.95
Coconut (V, Ve) (3 Scoops) £4.95
Lemon Sorbet (V, Ve) (3 Scoops) £4.95
Strawberry Sorbet (V, Ve) (3 Scoops) £4.95
Seasonal Scoop (3 Scoops) £4.95

Zizzi Kids Menu (Bambini Menu)

Recently, Zizzi restaurant has introduced a Bambini menu for kids. Zizzi kid’s menu contains different varieties of items to keep children amused. At Zizzi restaurant, kids can enjoy 3 courses and a Chocacino at a very reasonable price.

Zizzi Menu prices

Check the latest Zizzi Kids Menu in the UK.

Carrot, Cucumber and Pasta Crisps
With a pomodoro sauce.
96 kcal
Carrot, Cucumber & a Little Soul Bread
With a pomodoro sauce.
190 kcal
Kids Pasta Twists Pomodoro
Tomato & basil sauce.
270 kcal
Kids Pasta Twists Bolognese Pasta
Classic beef ragu sauce (with hidden vegetables).
314 kcal
Kids Pasta Twists Super Green Pesto
372 kcal
Kids Pasta Twists Vegan Lentil Ragu
340 kcal