Pret a Manger Menu and Prices 2023 in the UK

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Pret A Manger Menu & Prices in the UK

Pret A Manger is serving fast food in the UK since 1983. Find here, all the items in Pret A Manger menu- from sandwiches to salads to indulgent beverages with their prices.

Pret A Manger is a British sandwich and coffee shop known for serving freshly made baked goods.

Pret a Manger menu features a variety of freshly prepared sandwiches, soups, salads, wraps, baguettes, sweet treats, porridge, and a range of hot and cold beverages to satisfy any appetite.

They also offer a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options to cater to foodies with certain dietary restrictions.

Whether in the mood for a morning coffee, a lunchtime sandwich, or a snack on the go, Pret A Manger’s menu provides a fresh and convenient option for you.

Here is the list of the latest Pret menu with prices in the UK-

Pret A Manger Menu Price List UK

Item Price

Most Popular

Smoked Salmon, Soft Cheese & Dill Baguette £6.50
Harissa Chicken Rye Roll £5.30
Petite Crayfish & Avo Salad £7.99
Salmon & Mango Salad Bowl £8.25
Kale & Cauli Macaroni Cheese £7.90

Pret Breakfast & Bakery 🥐

Breakfast Egg & Bacon £4.30
Breakfast Egg & Avo £4.30
Breakfast Salmon & Egg £4.40
French Butter Croissant £2.90
Almond Croissant £3.30
Chocolate Croissant £3.30
Pain aux Raisins £3.30
Cinnamon Danish £3.30
Very Berry Croissant (Vg) £3.30
Chocolate Chunk Cookie £3.30
Fruit, Oat & Spelt Cookie £3.30
Ham, Cheese, Tomato & Bacon Croissant £4.30
Mozzarella & Tomato Croissant £4.30
Pret’s Proper Porridge £3.75
Pret’s Sausage & Egg Roll £5.25
Pret’s Bacon & Egg Roll £5.25
Pret’s Veggie Roll £4.75
Acai & Almond Butter Bowl £4.50
Five Berry Bowl (V) £3.99
Bircher Muesli £3.99
Mango and Lime £3.99
Melon & Blueberry £3.99
Fruit Salad £3.99
Superfruit Salad £3.99
Apple £0.99

Pret Coffee & Hot Drinks☕

Latte £3.65
Flat White £3.65
Mocha £3.65
Hot Chocolate £3.75
Americano £3.20
Espresso £2.70
Macchiato £2.80
Chai Latte £3.85
Matcha Latte £3.85
Breakfast Tea £3.00
Peppermint Tea £3.00
Green Tea £3.00

Sandwiches, Baguettes, Wraps & Salads 🥪

Scottish Smoked Salmon £5.35
Classic Super Club £4.99
Chicken, Avocado & Basil £4.99
Mature Cheddar £3.99
Free-Range Egg Mayo £3.40
Ham & Cheese Sandwich £3.99
Tuna & Cucumber Sandwich £3.99
Smashed Avo Open Sandwich £4.65
New Yorker Rye Roll £4.95
Scandi Style Salmon Rye Roll £5.10
Avo, Olive & Toms £5.45
Chicken Caesar Bacon Baguette £5.99
Pole & Line Caught Tuna Mayo & Cucumber £4.85
Posh Cheddar & Pickle £5.45
Italian Prosciutto £5.99
Wiltshire-Cured Ham & Greve £4.99
Jambon-Beurre £3.99
Avocado & Herb Salad Wrap £4.85
Hoisin Duck Salad Wrap £4.99
Humous & Falafel Mezze (Vg) (V) £7.35
Tuna Nicoise Salad £5.99
Chef’s Italian Chicken Salad £7.35
Smoked Salmon Protein Box £7.35

Pret’s Hot 🍴

Ham, Cheese & Mustard Toastie £5.45
Classic Cheese Toastie £5.45
Tuna Melt Toastie £5.45
Reuben Toastie £5.99
Falafel & Halloumi Hot Wrap £6.25
Macaroni Cheese Prosciutto £7.50
Kale & Red Tapenade Macaroni Cheese £7.50
Souper Tomato Soup £5.25
Black Bean Taco Soup £5.25
Spicy Chorizo & Butter Bean Soup £5.25
Chicken & Mushroom Orzotto Soup £5.25
Garlic & Herb Swirl £2.99

Pret Sweet Pots & Fruit🍉

Classic Fruit Pot £3.85
Mango and Lime £3.85
Melon & Blueberry £3.85
Apple £0.85
Bananas £0.85
Chocolate Mousse £3.35
Lemon Cheesecake £3.35

Pret Treats & Snacks 🍪

Chocolate Mousse £3.35
Lemon Cheesecake £3.35
Cheese Twist £2.45
Garlic & Herb Swirl £2.99
Caramel waffle £1.80
Chocolate Chunk Cookie £2.75
Fruit, Oat & Spelt Cookie £2.75
Dark Chocolate & Almond Butter Cookie (Vg) (V) £2.75
Double Berry Muffin £2.99
Pret’s Almond Butter Protein Ball £2.85
Chocolate Brownie Bar £2.85
Choc Bar £2.85
Love Bar £2.85
Popcorn bar £2.85
Dark Chocolate Corn Cakes £2.45
Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt £1.80
Cranberries in Coats £2.50
Dark Chocolate Salted Almonds £2.50
Nuts, Fruit & Chocolate £2.50
Pret A Mango £2.50
Hazelnut Truffles £1.99
BBQ Popped Chickpea Chips £1.75
Chilli, Bean & Seed Tortilla Chips £1.85
Sea Salt Crisps £1.75
Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Crisps £1.75
Mature Cheddar & Red Onion Crisps £1.75
Smoked Chipotle Crisps £1.75
Rock Salt Popcorn £1.75
Sweet & Salt Popcorn £1.75
Salted Crunchy Corn £2.50

Pret Cold Drinks 🥤

Iced Americano £3.20
Iced Latte £3.65
Iced Mocha £3.65
Iced Chocolate £3.75
Iced Matcha Latte £3.85
Iced Chai Latte £3.85
Roots & Fruits £4.99
Orange Juice £3.20
Apple Juice £3.20
Vitamin Volcano £3.75
Easy Greens Juice £4.99
Ginger Shot £2.85
Hot Shot £2.85
Lemon & Ginger Pret Still £2.99
Green Tea & Peach Pret Still £2.99
Mango & Passion Fruit Pret Still £2.99
Cranberry, Raspberry & Pomegranate Pret Still £2.99
Lime & Raspberry Seltzer £2.20
Cucumber & Mint Seltzer £2.20
Pure Pret Sparkling Apple Fizz £2.20
Pure Pret Sparkling Grape & Elderflower £2.20
Ginger Kombucha £3.25
Pure Pret Rhubarb Lemonade £2.20
Pure Pret Sparkling Ginger Beer £2.20
Still Water 500ml £1.99
Still Water 750ml £2.75
Sparkling Spring Water £1.99
Coke Diet Can £1.90
Coke Regular Can £1.99
Coke Zero Can £1.90
Breakfast Smoothie £4.99

Pret at Home 

  Most popular items on Pret a Manger Menu

Pret A Manger has certainly captured the hearts of many with its delectable offerings on a diverse menu.

Whether you’re a vegetarian/meat lover, or searching for satisfying snacks, Pret A Manger’s menu has something to delight every palate.

  • Chicken Caesar and Bacon Baguette- Filled with juicy chicken breast, crisp bacon, savory Caesar dressing, and crispy romaine lettuce, Pret A Manger’s Chicken Caesar and Bacon Baguette is a delightful choice with a perfect balance between rich flavors and satisfying crunch.
  • Classic Super Veggie Sandwich- This is a beloved option for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. This is a delightful medley of flavors and textures. Filled with hummus, cucumber, shredded carrot, baby spinach, red pepper, and fresh avocado, this sandwich offers a nutritious meal.
  • Avocado & Chipotle Chickpeas Salad – Salad lovers will find consolation in this Avocado & Chipotle Chickpeas Salad. With a tangy chipotle dressing, creamy avocado, chickpeas, and a medley of veggies, this salad is a burst of flavor and nutrition- perfect for a light and wholesome lunch.
  • Dark Chocolate & Almond Butter Cookie– Satisfy your sweet tooth at Pret A Manger! It’s a perfect combination of rich dark chocolate and creamy almond butter creating a chewy and decadent cookie.
  • Italian Chicken Salad Wrap- It provides Mediterranean flavors with its blend of grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, baby spinach, roasted tomatoes, and pesto mayo. Wrapped in a soft tortilla, this is a savory choice that’s a hit among wrap lovers.
  • Organic Coffee & Tea Selection– Pret A Manger’s organic coffee and tea selection boasts a variety of options for all taste picks. From bold espresso drinks to soothing herbal teas, these are perfect to complete your dining experience.

Reviewing Pret A Manger Menu

Pret A Manger Prices are relatively upscale compared to other sandwich-centric, fast-food shops. Though the chain is famous for its fresh and organic ingredients foods.

Pret A Manger offers greasy burgers, hotdogs, tacos, Roast Beef, Parmesan Baguette, and Famous Ham and Cheese Baguette. The chain is also famous for juicy meats, and fresh and crispy vegetables with toppings that are nearly perfect.

Pret A Manger sandwiches are as delicious. Wraps, toasties, and salads of Pret A Manger are notable on the menu made from fresh, colorful, and organic ingredients. Murray’s chicken breast, butternut squash puree, crisp mixed greens, etc are also some of the delicious foods at Pret A Manger.

Pret A Manger Menu UK

Alternatives to Pret A Manger in the UK

  • Greggs, a renowned bakery chain in the UK is a go-to destination for a variety of freshly baked goods and quick bites. Famous for pastries, sausage rolls, and sandwiches, Greggs also offers a selection of breakfasts, salads, wraps, and healthier options on their diverse menu.
  • Leon offers a diverse menu of all-natural and healthy foods across the UK since 2004. Leon’s menu features breakfast options, hot boxes, burgers, wraps, salads, sides, and drinks. 
  • EAT. is another well-known sandwich chain in the UK. The EAT. menu features everything from breakfast, starters, light lunch bites, sandwiches, platters, meals, and sides. 
  • YO! Sushi is a well-known sushi chain that offers a unique Japanese dining experience. YO! Sushi menu has a delectable range of hot street food- from traditional chef-d’oeuvre to innovative fusion dishes.
  • ASK Italian – a well-renowned Italian restaurant that serves an array of Italian dishes- from wood-fired pizzas to hand-made pasta dishes. This is a go-to spot for those looking for Italian flavors in a modern dining environment. 
  • Prezzo is another name when it comes to Italian food. Offering a variety of Italian-inspired dishes, Prezzo’s menu showcases the best of Italian cuisine.

Contact Pret A Manger customer service

Customer Service Number: (646) 728-0505

Corporate Office Address:
Pret A Manger
30 Irving Place, 2nd Floor
New York, New York 10003
United States

Website –

Pret A Manger Menu UK FAQs

Are there vegetarian options on the Pret A Manger Menu?

Yes, from sandwiches and wraps to salads and breakfast items, Pret A Manger offers a range of vegetarian options.

Does Pret A Manger offer Gluten-Free options?

Yes, there is a gluten-free menu available with options for breakfast, main courses, and dessert.

Is there a Pret-A-Manger children’s menu available?

Yes, Pret A Manger offers a children’s menu with smaller portions and kid-friendly options, including chicken nuggets and mini roasts.

What are the must-try coffee and tea options at Pret A Manger?

Pret A Manger takes pride in its coffee and tea offerings. Some of the must-try options include the classic Latte, Chai Latte, and Mocha. For tea lovers, Peppermint Tea, Breakfast Tea, and Green Tea are delightful choices. 


The Pret A Manger menu offers a wide range of mouth-watering breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, as well as an array of tempting dessert choices. With a variety of hot and iced beverages, Pret a Manger’s menu is sure to satisfy any appetite.

If you’re curious about the latest Pret a Manger menu updates or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.