Pizza Hut Menu and Prices in 2023 UK [Updated]

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Pizza Hut Menu Prices 2023

Pizza Hut has been serving up pizza in the UK for over 40 years. Here you’ll find all the items on Pizza Hut’s menu- from delicious pizzas to pasta to appetizers and their prices. 

Pizza Hut’s menu and prices include their trademark specialty pizzas, as well as pasta, sandwiches, chicken, and lots more, giving you a variety of mouthwatering dishes to choose from in a stylish and inviting atmosphere.

They also offer a create-your-own option to create the perfect pizza for your craving.

Pizza Hut offers a diverse menu featuring a variety of classic pizzas, appetizers, pasta, salads, salads, and delectable desserts and drink options. A kid’s menu is also available.

Pizza Hut’s commitment to offering gluten-free and vegetarian options caters to a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences. So, let’s dive in and explore the delicious world of Pizza Hut menu UK-

Pizza Hut Menu Price List in the United Kingdom

Menu items Prices

Pizza Hut Deals

Feast for One £16.99
Deal for 2 £25.99
Deal for 3 £28.49
Deal for 4 £30.99
Twin Deal £26.99
Dessert Deal £9.99
Party Deal £37.99
Ultimate Dippin Deal £11.99


NEW Spicy Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza £6.99
NEW BEYOND MEAT® Italian Style Sausage Flatbread £6.99
Chicken & Bacon Flatbread NEW £6.99
NEW Create Your Own Flatbread £6.99

Pizza Hut Pizza Menu

NEW Spicy Margherita from £19.99
NEW Spicy Pepperoni Feast from £19.99
Beyond Three-Meat Three Cheese NEW from £19.99
NEW Beyond Italian Style Sausage Supreme from £19.99
NEW Beyond Spicy Beef from £19.99
Margherita from £15.99
It’s Back! Loaded Margherita – 13″ Large – 13″ Large from £19.99
Hawaiian from £18.99
It’s Back! Loaded Hawaiian – 13″ Large – 13″ Large from £22.99
Chicken Supreme from £19.99
Pepperoni Feast from £19.99
It’s Back! Loaded Pepperoni Feast – 13″ Large – 13″ Large from £23.99
Veggie Sizzler from £17.99
Veggie Supreme from £17.99
Farmhouse from £18.99
Beef Sizzler from £19.99
Chicken Sizzler from £19.99
Texan BBQ from £19.99
BBQ Meat Feast from £19.99
Meat Feast from £19.99
The Meaty One from £19.99
Supreme from £19.99
Create Your Own from £15.99
Take 4 from £19.99

Sides on Pizza Hut Menu

Mixed Leaf Salad £3.49
Garlic Bread (4 Pieces) £4.49
Potato Wedges £4.49

Pizza Hut Premium Sides

NEW Spicy Cheesy Pepperoni Garlic Bread £5.99
NEW Spicy Loaded Pepperoni Wedges £6.49
Cheesy Garlic Tear & Share £7.99
Beyond Italian Style Sausage Tear & Share Topper £7.99
Cheesy Garlic Bread (4 Pieces) £4.79
Cheese Triangles (7 Pieces) £5.19
Mac n Cheese (V) £5.19
Breaded Chicken Strips (5 Strips) £5.99
BBQ Chicken Wings (7 Wings) £5.99
Hot ‘N’ Spicy Chicken Strips (5 Strips) £5.99
Doritos Cheesy Nachos £4.49

Pizza Hut Dips Menu

Dips £0.55
2x Dips £0.99

Pizza Hut Desserts Menu

NEW Cadbury Caramel Cookie Dough (V) £5.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough £5.49
Magnum Double Salted Caramel Ice Cream (440ml) £5.99
Ben & Jerry’s MooPhoria Chocolate Cookie Dough £5.99
Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough (465ml) £5.99
Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Brownie Party (465ml) £5.99
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie (465ml) £5.99

Pizza Hut Drinks Menu

Pizza Hut Contact Details

Phone Number: 0800 028 7034

E-mail Contact Page: Pizza Hut Customer Care

Mail to:
One Victoria Square
Birmingham, UK
B1 1DB

Alternatives to Pizza Hut in the UK

  • PizzaExpress – This well-known Italian restaurant serves delicious pizzas and Italian-inspired dishes. With a variety of toppings and crust options, PizzaExpress is a popular choice among pizza lovers.
  • Zizzi – Another Italian restaurant chain offering a diverse menu of Italian dishes- from pizzas to pasta, salads, etc. Known for its modern and stylish ambiance, Zizzi offers a superb dining experience for families looking to enjoy a taste of Italy.
  • Bella Italia brings the taste of Italy to the UK with its extensive menu featuring traditional Italian dishes. From classic pasta dishes to antipasti platters and desserts, Bella Italia offers an authentic dining experience.
  • ASK Italian – a well-renowned Italian restaurant that serves an array of Italian dishes- from wood-fired pizzas to hand-made pasta dishes. This is a go-to spot for those looking for Italian flavors in a modern dining environment. 
  • Prezzo is another name when it comes to Italian food. Offering a variety of Italian-inspired dishes, Prezzo’s menu showcases the best of Italian cuisine.

 Pizza Hut Menu UK FAQs

Pizza Hut Menu Prices

What type of cuisine does Pizza Hut have in the UK?

Pizza Hut serves authentic Italian cuisine offering a diverse menu featuring a variety of classic Italian dishes.

Does Pizza Hut offer any vegetarian or vegan options on the Prezzo menu?

Yes, Pizza Hut is aware of dietary preferences and provides a range of vegetarian and vegan options on its menu. From plant-based pizzas to pasta & salads, there are plenty of choices for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy.

Is there a service charge at Pizza Hut?

Yes, they automatically stick a 10% service charge onto the bill without telling you.

Does Pizza Hut do meerkat meals?

Yes, Pizza Hut is proud to partner with Meerkat Meals providing over 4 million money-saving members with savings.

Does Pizza Hut offer any gluten-free options on its menu?

Yes, Pizza Hut is aware of dietary preferences and provides a range of gluten-free options on its menu.


Pizza Hut Pizza will never fail to fulfill your pizza passions!

From Hawaiian, salami, chicken, and pepperoni to crispy pan crust, rising crust, and others, Pizza Hut’s menu offers options you might never have had in your life.

The taste of Pizza Hut Pizza is wonderful, are fresh, and Pizza Hut prices are reasonable too. And what more could you ask from a pizza place?

From classic and signature pizzas to vegetarian and meat lover’s choices, Pizza Hut’s menu has something for everyone.

So, if you are in the mood for some mouthwatering pizza, visit them right now!