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MEATliquor Menu Prices 2023

MEATliquor Menu has a selection of food products including sushi boxes, sharing platters, bowls, soups, desserts, Meal Deals, and drinks too!

MEATliquor menu prices are not very pricey, and foodies who visit are always served the best, with excellent customer service where everyone can be themselves.  

Below is a list of the latest MEATliquor prices.

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So, without wasting much time, let’s take a look at the MEATliquor menu price list.

MEATliquor Menu Prices [UPDATED 2023]

Below are the latest accurate and up-to-date MEATliquor Menu Prices for the entire menu including the most popular items on MEATliquor Menu –


Picked For You in MEATliquor Menu

 Buffalo Wings £9.00
 Dead Hippie™ £10.50
 Dirty Chicken Cheeseburger £10.00
 Cheeseburger £9.50
 Bacon Cheeseburger £10.50

Sides and Starters on MEATliquor Menu

 Deep-Fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese (V) £6.50
 Deep-Fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese (V) (Sides and Starters) £6.50
 Slaw (V) £4.00
Buffalo Wings (Sides and Starters) £9.00
 Hash Browns (VG) £4.00
 Hash Browns (VG) (Sides and Starters) £4.00
 Greek Salad (V) £6.50
Deep Fried Pickles £4.25
 Fried Pickles (V) £4.25

MEATliquor Beef Menu

Cheeseburger (Beef) £9.50
Bacon Cheeseburger (Beef) £10.50
 Green Chili Cheeseburger £10.25
Dead Hippie™ (Beef) £10.50
 Black Palace £10.00
 Plain Jane Burger £6.00

MEATliquor Chicken Menu

Dirty Chicken Cheeseburger (Chicken) £10.00
 Tower Block Burger £10.50
 Chicken Parma Burger £10.25

Dogs on MEATliquor Menu

 Vegan BYO Dog £9.00
 Vegan Build Your Own Dog £9.00
 Beef BYO Dog £9.00
Beef Build Your Own Dog £9.00
 Chili Dog £9.50
 The Ripper £9.25

MEATliquor Veg & Vegan Menu

 Burgaloo (VG) £8.50
 Halloumi & Mushroom Burger (V) £9.25
 Halloumi Mushroom Burger (V) £9.25
 Satans Fingers £8.00
 Satan’s Fingers (VG) £8.00
 Satan’s Fingers £8.00
 Satan Fingers (VG) £8.00

Fries on MEATliquor Menu

 Black Bean Chili Fries (VG) £7.50
 Black Bean Chili Fries with Cheese (V) £8.50
Black Bean Chili Fries with Cheese (V) (Fries) £8.50
 Chili Cheese Fries £8.00
Chili Cheese Fries (Fries) £8.00


Mayo £0.50
Ketchup £0.50
Blue Cheese £1.00
Blue Cheese (V) £1.00
Dead Hippie ™ Sauce £1.00
Dead Hippie ™ Sauce (V) £1.00
Jalapenos £1.00
Jalapenos (VG) £1.00
Buffalo Sauce £1.00
Buffalo Sauce (V) £1.00
Russian Dressing £1.00
Russian Dressing (V) £1.00
Sour Cream £1.00
Sour Cream (V) £1.00
Marinara £1.00
Marinara (VG) £1.00
Garlic Mayo £1.00
Garlic Mayo (VG) £1.00


Coke £2.00
 Diet Coke £2.00
Ginger Beer £2.00
 Sprite £2.00
Red Bull Tropical £2.50
Red Bull £2.50
Cream Soda £3.75
Root Beer £3.75


Vanilla £4.95
Malt £4.95
Salted Caramel £4.95
Chocolate £4.95
Strawberry £4.95
Malt Choc £4.95

Hard Shakes

 Ive Got Wood £7.95
 I’ve Got Wood £7.95
 Cherry Popper £7.95
 Toffee Apple £7.95
 Soulero £7.95

Wines in MEATliquor Menu

 NV VIA VAI £29.00
 Malbec, Cuma Organic, El Esteco 2018 – Argentina £25.00
Malbec, Cuma organic, El Esteco 2018 £25.00
 Syrah Reserva, Viña Leyda 2017 – Chile £30.00
 Picpoul, Reserve Roquemoliere 2017 £25.00
 Cabernet Sauvigon, Cannonball 2016 – USA £35.00
 Rose, Comte de Provence La Vidaubanaise 2017 £25.00
 Picpoul, Réserve Roquemolière 2017 – France £25.00
 Syrah Reserva Bottle £20.00
 Sauvignon Blanc, Land Made, Yealands 2018 – New Zealand £30.00
 Cabernet Sauvigon Bottle £35.00
 Columbia Valley Riesling, Chateau Ste. Michelle 2018 – USA £35.00
 Sauvignon Blanc Bottle £35.00
Prosecco NV VIA VAI – Italy £29.00
 Columbia Valley, Riesling Bottle £30.00
 Picpoul Reserve Roquemoliere 2017 £25.00

Beers & Ciders

 Estrella Damm Lager £4.50
 Tiny Rebel CLWB Tropicana £5.50
 Stiegl Goldbrau £6.00
 Brooklyn Lager £5.50
 Sanfords St Louis Dry Hopped Cider £5.00

MEATliquor Cocktails Menu

 House Grog £9.50
 Espresso Martini £9.00
 Space Gin Smash £8.75
 Summer Of Love £8.75
 New Cross Negroni £8.25
 Margaret Street Punch £9.50


 Jägermeister MiniMEAT x 5 £25.00
 Jägermeister MiniMEAT £6.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Meatliquor offer takeaway?

Yes, Meatliquor offers takeaway services.

Does Meatliquor offer delivery?

Yes, Meatliquor offers delivery services.

Do MEATliquor burgers come with fries?

For under six quid, you get a big portion of fries, grilled onions, and plenty of sauce that can also operate as dipping potential for your burger or hot dog. 

Is MEATliquor beef halal?

Yes, on Meatliquor’s menu, all the chicken burgers are halal.

Does MEATliquor do gluten-free?

Yes, MEATliquor offers gluten-free foods. For more information, visit the official website.