Eat. Menu Prices – Eat. Prices and Menu in United Kingdom

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Eat. Prices and Menu in the United Kingdom

Eat. restaurants offer fresh-made quality food products with the best customer service. Though, it’s hard to find the latest and up-to-date Eat. Prices Menu.

So, today we are here to present the latest and up-to-date Eat. menu prices. 

On this page, we’d published the complete Eat. Menu with recent prices including Eat. restaurant Menu, Eat Breakfast menu and Eat. Kids Menu.

In the last section, we also provided Eat. location near me and Eat. Hours of operation details. Check out Eat. Menu and Prices chart below.

Eat. Restaurant Menu and Prices 2023

See below the latest prices for Eat. menu.

Eat. Restaurant Prices


Hot Soup

Chicken Pot Pie (Small) £3.29
Chicken Pot Pie (Medium) £3.59
Chicken Pot Pie (Large) £4.79
Wild Mushroom & Chestnut (Small) £2.99
Wild Mushroom & Chestnut (Medium) £3.29
Wild Mushroom & Chestnut (Large) £3.99
Hot & Sour Chicken (Small) £3.29
Hot & Sour Chicken (Medium) £3.59
Hot & Sour Chicken (Large) £4.79

Hot Pies

Cheese & Onion Pie £4.49
Steak & Red Wine Pie £4.49
Chicken & Mushroom Pie £4.49
Cheese & Onion Pie – pie mash & gravy £5.99
Steak & Red Wine Pie – pie mash & gravy £5.99
Chicken & Mushroom Pie – pie mash & gravy £5.99

Hot Rolls & Pots

Texan Cilli with Rice £5.99
Slow Cooked Beef & Horseradish Hot Roll £4.95
BBQ Pulled Pork & Cold Slaw w/ Rice £5.99

About EAT. Restaurant

EAT is a British chain of restaurants chain famous for yummy sandwiches. Founded in 1996, the chain is famous for serving fresh-made quality food products and the best customer service. The chain runs over 110 food locations throughout the United Kingdom.

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Eat. Restaurant Near Me Location

Make use of the following EAT. locator tool to find EAT.  near me menu prices to enjoy your foods and meals.

Eat. Restaurant Opening Times

EAT. Opening Time EAT. Closing Time
Monday 04:00 AM 08:00 PM
Tuesday 04:00 AM 08:00 PM
Wednesday 04:00 AM 08:00 PM
Thursday 04:00 AM 08:00 PM
Friday 04:00 AM 08:00 PM
Saturday 04:00 AM 08:00 PM
Sunday 04:00 AM 08:00 PM


So, this is what we’d share with you the latest, up-to-date EAT. menu prices, EAT. Prices, EAT. restaurant Menu, and EAT. Prices. 

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