Debonairs Menu, Prices & Specials – Updated Debonairs Menu 2023

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Debonairs Menu, Prices & Specials 2023

Debonairs is a South African restaurant chain known for serving a huge variety of pizzas.

It has a simple but very tasty menu for all South African to enjoy.

Debonairs Menu consists of a huge range of different pizzas and plenty of sides to choose from to enjoy.

Downbelow, you’ll find a read version of Debonairs Menu with Prices. Also find Debonairs Specials, Debonairs Hours, Debonairs Near Me, Debonairs Coupons, and other useful details.

Let’s check the most updated Debonairs Menu Prices in South Africa.

Menu Item Price

Pizza Menu

Club Meat Pizza (Small) R47.90
Club Meat Pizza (medium) R79.90
Club Meat Pizza (large) R114.90
Something Meaty (small) R47.90
Something Meaty (medium) R79.90
Something Meaty (large) R114.90
Beef Steak & Mushroom (small) R41.90
Beef Steak & Mushroom (medium) R71.90
Beef Steak & Mushroom (large) R106.90
Mexican Fiesta (small) R41.90
Mexican Fiesta (medium) R69.90
Mexican Fiesta (large) R101.90
Four Seasons (small) R41.90
Four Seasons (medium) R69.90
Four Seasons (large) R101.90
Hawaiian (small) R36.90
Hawaiian (medium) R64.90
Hawaiian (large) R89.90
Tikka Chicken (small) R47.90
Tikka Chicken (medium) R79.90
Tikka Chicken (large) R114.90
Chicken & Mushroom (small) R41.90
Chicken & Mushroom (medium) R71.90
Chicken & Mushroom (large) R106.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (small) R39.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (medium) R67.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (large) R99.90
BBQ Chicken (small) R39.90
BBQ Chicken (medium) R67.90
BBQ Chicken (large) R99.90
Sweet & Sour Chicken (small) R38.90
Sweet & Sour Chicken (medium) R66.90
Sweet & Sour Chicken (large) R94.90
Original Veggie (small) R36.90
Original Veggie (medium) R64.90
Original Veggie (large) R89.90
3 Cheese (small) R35.90
3 Cheese (medium) R61.90
3 Cheese (large) R86.90
Red Hot Veggie (small) R35.90
Red Hot Veggie (medium) R61.90
Red Hot Veggie (large) R86.90
Classic Margherita (small) R22.90
Classic Margherita (medium) R45.90
Classic Margherita (large) R64.90
+Double Stack R44.90
+Crammed Crust R49.90

Speciality Pizzas

Cram-Decker R179.90
Triple-Decker (small) R64.90
Triple-Decker (large) R164.90
Crammed-Crust R144.90

Extra Toppings (large pizza)

Standard Extra Toppings R9.90
Premium Extra Toppings R12.90
High-Premium Extra Toppings R20.90
Extra Cheese R20.90


Death By Chocolate R64.90
Doughnut Dippers R64.90
BBQ Chicken Wings R54.90
Pop-Itz R44.90
Cocktail Cheese Grillers R39.90
Cheese & Garlic Bread Ripper R34.90

Regular Subs

Something Meaty Sub R79.90
Club Sub R79.90
Tikka Chicken Sub R77.90
Chicken & Mushroom Sub R74.90
Sweet & Sour Chicken Sub R69.90
Vegetarian Sub R66.90
Cheese & Garlic Sub R59.90

Does Debonairs have the same menu items in all their branch?

Yes, Debonairs has the same menu in all their stores.

Debonairs Menu Specials

Debonairs offers great deals and several specials on its menu from time to time.

You can head over to their official website to find out what their specials are now.

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Debonairs Promotions & Deals

Debonairs large triple-decker @ R169.90!

When you’re looking for something more to enjoy, treat yourself and get a FREE 1.5l drink when you buy a large Triple-Decker® for just R169.90!

Ts&Cs apply: Offer includes one large (30cm) Triple-Decker® pizza from the following flavor selection: Meaty, Creamy Chicken, Sweet Chilli Chicken. FREE 1.5L drink is subject to availability of participating flavors only. Full nutritional information is available on

Debonairs Menu

Debonairs Sweet Deal for 2 @ R199.90

Who’s your fave person in the world? Is it your pa, ubhuti, mkhulu,ugogo, your work spouse, childhood bestie, or that cousin you only see once a year?

Whoever it is, Debonairs Pizza has an amazing deal for two that you’ll both love – Sweet Deal For 2.

An exclusive sharing deal that’s made to be shared! You get 2 medium(23cm) pizzas of your choice, a dessert, and a 1L Coke for only R199.90!

Ts&Cs apply:

  • Available while stocks last.
  • Available only to online purchases using or the Debonairs Pizza App.
  • Offer is available on the below medium (23 cm) Pizzas for:
    • Club
    • Something meaty
    • Beefsteak & mushroom
    • Mexican fiesta
    • Four seasons
    • Hawaiian
    • Tikka chicken
    • Chicken & mushroom
    • Sweet chilli chicken
    • BBQ chicken
    • Sweet & sour chicken
    • Original veggie
    • 3 cheese
    • Margherita
    • Garlic Bacon ‘n Jalapeno
    • Creamy tikka chicken
    • Creamy veg
  • Free Delivery conditions apply.
  • Full nutritional information is available on

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Debonairs Real Deal Pizza Promotions @ R139.80

What are you getting the fam to eat? It’s obvious: 2x Large Real Deal pizzas of course! At R139.80 for 2x large pizzas, getting the Real Deal is an easy choice.

But what might not be so easy, is choosing your flavor combo from our selection of 6 delicious pizza flavors.

Debonairs Real Deal range of tasty meaty, chicken, and vegetarian pizzas are a great value meal for lunch with friends or a family dinner.

Ts&Cs apply:

  • Available while stocks last.
  • Offers include 2x large (30cm) pizzas from the following flavor selection only:
    • BBQ Bacon / Macon
    • Pepperoni / Salami & Olive
    • Spicy Chicken
    • Debonairs Chicken
    • Sweet & Sour Rib
    • Creamy Tikka Veg
  • The Real Deal is not available for delivery orders.
  • Full nutritional information is available on

Debonairs Near Me Location

Use the Debonairs Store Locator or the map below to find Debonairs Menu Near Me –


So, this is all about the latest, up-to-date Debonairs Menu Prices, Debonairs Coupons, and Debonairs Specials.

If you have any other questions you’d like to ask about Debonairs Menu, leave a comment below.

Enjoy your pizza!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is debonairs delivery fee?

Debonairs Pizza restaurants offer Free delivery.

Does debonairs take cash on delivery?

Yes, All restaurants accept cash payments.

Can you cancel debonairs order?

Yes, You need to call them in order to cancel your order or to change your order before its dispatch.

Does debonairs do gluten free pizza? 

Panagiotis offers gluten-free pizza.

Does debonairs pizza have pork?

Debonairs Pizza on Twitter: “our Something Meaty option does have pork. You can request to have it removed when ordering.”