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Cinnamon Spice Menu Prices UK

Cinnamon Spice Menu Prices are quite affordable and promise a delightful journey for your taste buds. New Cinnamon Spice menu showcases the versatility of cinnamon, expertly incorporated to create a harmonious blend of flavors.

With incredible food, friendly staff, and good value for money, Cinnamon Spice menu focuses on infusing the warmth and exotic flavors of cinnamon into their dishes.

From cinnamon-spiced lamb to desserts, each dish is crafted to awaken your senses and transport you to a world of culinary delight.

Below are the latest and up-to-date Cinnamon Spice Menu Price List 2023.



Garlic King Prawns
Delicious flame-grilled King prawns with garlic & salt. The perfect flavor to incite the senses.
Mixed Kebabs
assortment of kebabs, marinated in signature sauce and flame grilled for extra succulence and taste.
Meat Samosa
Delightfully crispy and deep-filled meat samosa with our home-made style mince mix.
Chutney Tray £1.30 per person
papadoms £0.95 each
Chicken tikka (4 pieces) £5.95
Chicken Chat £5.95
Butterfly King Prawns (4 Pieces) £7.95
Sheek Kebab £6.95
Chicken Spring Roll (2 Pieces) £5.50
Vegetable Somosa (2 Pieces) £5.50
Onion Bhaji (2 Pieces) £5.50
Prawn Purée £8.95

Vegan Starters

Vegan Shingara (2 pieces)
A Bengali samosa filled with pieced potatoes, vegetables & nuts.
Vegan Channa Chat
Made with chickpeas, sprouted beans, onion, tomato, green chilies, and lemon juice.


Meat Samosa £2.20
Veg Samosa £2.20
Chicken Pakora £3.50
Chicken Tikka Starter £3.70
Lamb Tikka Starter £3.70
Lamb Tikka Puri £3.80
Chicken Tikka Puri £3.80
Seekh Kebab Starter £2.50
Shami Kebab Starter £2.50
Tandoori Chicken £3.80
Lamb Chops Starter £4.20
Chicken Chat £3.80
Reshami Kebab Starter £2.80
Mix Starter (Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, onion bhaji, meat samosa, and seekh kebab) £4.50
Cinnamon Spice Special Mix Starter (Chicken tikka, onion bhaji, seekh kebab, and lamb chops). £6.50
Aloo Pakora Veg £2.30
Onion Bhaji Veg £2.20
Mulligatawny Soup Veg £2.90
Dhall Soup Veg £2.90
Vegetable Pakora Veg £3.20
Garlic Mushroom Puri Veg £3.20
Garlic Chicken Puri £3.90
Chilli Chicken Puri £3.80
Special Mix Puri £3.90
Lamb Naga Puri £3.80
Chicken Naga Puri £3.80
Prawn Puri £3.90
King Prawn Puri £4.90

Main Course

Chicken Tikka
Succulent pieces of barbequed chicken off the bone in home made marinade.
King Prawn Rampuri
spicy and tomato-rich medium thick curry with king prawns.
Chicken Biryani
Chicken Tikka layered with parboiled rice, herbs & saffron served with curry sauce.

Grilled Tandoori Specialities

Chicken shaslick £13.95
Paneer shaslick
6 pieces of grilled paneer
Grilled Lamb Chops
4 pieces of succulent grilled chops
Tandoori mixed grill
Served with salad

Biryani Dishes

Vegetable Biryani £11.95
Chicken Biryani £13.95
Lamb Biryani £16.95

Chefs house specials

Chicken Tikka Masala £13.50
Garlic Chilli Chicken £13.50
Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi £13.50
Butter Chicken £13.50

Chefs Superior Showcase Dishes

Delhi tikka masala
sumptuous creamy tomato sauce, spiced with roasted cumin and fenugreek.
Indian Butter Chicken
Barbequed chicken garnished with tomatoes & cooked in butter in a medium creamy sauce with a silky rich texture.
Lamb Malabar
A delightfully gentle and aromatic tangy curry with coconut and curry leaves.
Chicken Jaipuri
Tender and succulent pieces of chicken with fresh garlic, onions & herbs served in a delish thick spicy sauce.
Chicken Satkora
Fresh Bangladeshi Chicken Tandoori with onions, tomatoes, lime, garlic & spices. Served in a medium thick sauce.
Anarkali Speciality
Combination specialty dish consisting of tender pieces of Tandoori chicken, lamb, King Prawns, onions, and herbs. served in a medium-thick sauce.
Paneer Tikka Masala
Tender pieces of Indian cheese marinated in special marinade sauce & flame-grilled. Served in an authentic medium thick sauce bursting with flavor.

Classic Currys

Spicy tomato curry with turmeric, coriander, and cumin.
A rich and creamy coconut curry with almonds, nuts and spices.
Fried onions, coriander, cumin fennel seeds, and garam masala curry.
An onion, tomato, and lentil curry with subtle flavors from bay leaves and our blend of spices.
Cooked in a round cast iron traditional pan. A well-rounded medium-thick curry consisting of garlic, ginger, browned onions, and aromatic spices.
signature Saag curry with potatoes, spinach, and a light delightfully yellow curry sauce.
Chicken +£1.00
Lamb +£4.00
Prawn +£3.00
King Prawn +£5.00

Vegan Mains

Vegan Biryani
Parboiled rice with vegetables, onions and spices. Served with a simple yet tasty curry sauce.
Vegan Dansak £13.95
Vegan cauliflower & potato curry £13.95
Vegan masala £13.95
Vegan Passanda £13.95
Vegan Chana Saag Bhuna £13.95
Vegan Balti £13.95

Sides & Accompaniments

Vegetable Side Dishes

Vegetable Curry £5.50
Dry spiced vegetables
Sag Aloo
Spiced spinach & potatoes
Saag Paneer
Curries spinach and Indian cheese cubes
Bombay Potatoes £5.50
Tarka Daal
Indian spiced lentils with a blend of aromatic spices and herbs.
Mushroom Bhaji £6.95


Fired Nan Bread £3.95
Peshwari Nan Bread
Fresh coconut-infused handmade and fired nan bread.
Garlic Nan
Fresh garlic infused nan bread with herbs.
Keema Nan
Handmade and clay oven fired nan bread stuffed with spiced lamb.
Chapati £3.95

Rice Dishes

Steamed rice £3.95
Pilau Rice £4.50
Vegetable Rice £5.50
Mushroom Rice £5.50

Vegan Sides & Accompaniments

Plain Rice £3.95
Vegetable Rice £5.50
Mushroom Rice £5.50
Vegan Nan Bread £4.50
Vegan Garlic Nan £4.95

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cinnamon Spice cater for Coeliac / gluten-free food?

Yes, Cinnamon Spice menu is carefully labeled so Coeliac sufferers can easily reveal which foods are safe for their consumption.

Does Cinnamon Spice cater for vegans?

Yes, Cinnamon Spice menu has a dedicated special section, especially for  Vegan customers- clearly labeled and has its own section and submenu! All foods marked Vegan) are entirely animal-produce-free.

Do Cinnamon Spice cater for Vegetarians?

Yes, Cinnamon Spice’s food menu consists of many vegetarian-friendly dishes- labeled clearly with a (V) for your convenience. Most meat dishes can be made in a vegetarian.

Does Cinnamon Spice cater for Dairy Free?

Cinnamon Spice offers many dairy-free dishes- labeled Dairy Free on menus. Always check before placing your order if you have any doubts about whether a dish is dairy-free or not.

Does Cinnamon Spice have parking available?

Cinnamon Spice has a large free car park situated straight in front of the restaurant for many free parking hours.

Cinnamon Spice menu

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Cinnamon Spice is more than just a traditional Indian restaurant. Treat yourself and your family to a fine dining experience in the warm and inviting comfortable dining area.

For those following plant based and gluten free diet, Cinnamon Spice also offers a range of veggie and gluten-free options to make sure no one’s left out.

Whether you choose to eat in or order a takeaway, your dining experience at Cinnamon Spice exceeds conventional expectations at every level.