Beefeater Breakfast Times, Menu, & Prices 2023 [UPDATED]

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Beefeater Breakfast Times & Menu 2023

Beefeater’s menu is filled with a variety of breakfast options, and you can find what you are looking for no matter what kind of day you are having. Here, you can find the latest Beefeater breakfast times and menu.

If you are looking for something to get you going in the morning, you can choose from the Beefeater breakfast menu.

The brand is famous for its combination of great steak, friendly service & relaxed surroundings.

Beefeater has breakfast meals that are less expensive than other similar offerings.

In this article, we will discuss Beefeater breakfast prices and Beefeater breakfast times.

Beefeater Breakfast Times 2023

Beefeater serves food till night. However, you should know that breakfast is only served at certain times. For instance, you can find Beefeater breakfast times in the below table. During these hours, you can get a delicious breakfast with your loved one.

Day Breakfast Opening Time Breakfast Closing Time
Monday 6:00 am 10:30 am
Tuesday 6:00 am 10:30 am
Wednesday 6:00 am 10:30 am
Thursday 6:00 am 10:30 am
Friday 6:00 am 10:30 am
Saturday 6:00 am 10:59 am
Sunday 9:00 am 10:59 am

Another great thing about Beefeater Breakfast is its extended hours.

The majority of people need to be up early for work or school, and this convenience is ideal. Even if you have to work earlier, you can still get a delicious breakfast.

The hours of operation at Beefeater are convenient and flexible. The coffee shop serves its famous grilled bagel breakfast sandwich until 11 a.m. This time is perfect for those who need to be on the road early in the morning.

Beefeater Breakfast Menu

Unlike most other restaurants, Beefeater serves breakfast only during certain hours.

The breakfast menu at Beefeater is only available from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. This is the only time of day during which Beefeater serves breakfast.

Most of the locations are open until 11 a.m., and you’ll find plenty of options for breakfast during this time. In the United Kingdom, Beefeater’s breakfast times are usually 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Beefeater Breakfast Menu Prices 2023

You must be wondering what can be those delicious foods served at Beefeater, that is what we are telling you not.

Well, you will know once you taste it!

Here is the list of breakfast foods served at Beefeater –

Unlimited cooked breakfast @ £9.50

From eggs cooked just the way you like them to premium sausages and back bacon rashers, hash browns, and black pudding, you can build your breakfast to your taste. Not forgetting our delicious continental options, too!

  • Back Bacon Rashers
    (49kcal per rasher)
  • THIS Isn’t Bacon
    (20kcal per rasher)
  • Premium Sausages
    (114kcal per sausage)
    SensationalTM Vegan Sausage
    (70kcal per sausage)
  • Eggs
    Scrambled (279kcal per spoon)
    Fried (108kcal)
    Poached (79kcal)
    Boiled (82kcal)
  • Hash Browns
    (100kcal per hash brown)
  • Black Pudding
    (122kcal per slice)
  • Mushrooms
    (51kcal per spoon)
  • Halved Grilled
    (28kcal per half tomato)
    Baked Beans
    (63kcal per spoon)

Unlimited continental breakfast @ £7.50

Fancy something lighter? Enjoy cereal, fruit, or freshly-baked pastries and American-style buttermilk pancakes as well as a selection of PG Tips® tea, fruit juices, and coffee, too. Wake up and smell the coffee

  • Bakery
    • Croissant (203kcal)
    • Pain Au Chocolat (196kcal)
    • Chocolate Muffin (271kcal)
    • Blueberry Muffin (250kcal)
    • Bagel (254kcal)
    • Crumpet (88kcal)
  • Sliced bread
    • White (90kcal per slice)
    • Malted (91kcal per slice)
    • Gluten-Free (84kcal per slice)
  • American-style buttermilk pancakes (96kcal each)
  • Preserve, spreads & jams
    • Butter (46kcal)
    • Sunflower spread (43kcal)
    • Hazelnut Chocolate
    • Spread (81kcal)
    • Marmalade (33kcal)
    • Honey (65kcal)
    • Jams (34kcal)
    • Marmite (21kcal)
    • Maple Syrup (63kcal)
    • Peanut Butter (81kcal)
  • Fruits
    • A Selection of Whole Fruits
    • Red Berry Mix¤
    • Fresh Fruit Salad¤
  • Yoghurts & cereals
    A selection of yogurts (see packaging for calorie info)

    • Porridge (337kcal with semi-skimmed milk or 324 kcal with soya drink)
    • Muesli (166kcal per pack)
    • Granola (188kcal per 45g)
    • Special K (113kcalper 30g)
    • Cornflakes (113kcalper 30g)
    • Weetabix (136kcalfor 2 biscuits)
    • Rice Krispies (115kcal per 30g)
    • Coco Pops (115kcal per 30g)

Beefeater Breakfast Times


Not only is our All-You-Can-Eat buffet breakfast great value at£9.50 but two kids under 16 eat for FREE with every adult breakfast purchased so you can fuel up the whole family for less, ready to start the day! What’s not to love?

If you want to start your day with this amazing breakfast menu from Beefeater, then you better wake up early and go to the restaurant before they stop serving breakfast.

Once the breakfast hours are closed at Beefeater, the restaurant starts serving lunch.

So, you have no chance to get breakfast after 11 AM.

Beefeater Contact Details

Contact Page:

Whitbread Group PLC.
Whitbread Court, Houghton Hall Business Park,
Porz Avenue, Dunstable LU5 5XE

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Can Beefeater have kids eat free breakfast?

Beefeater breakfast is available for free to kids.

What time is Beefeater breakfast served?

What’s more, Beefeater breakfast is available for everyone, not just those staying at Premier Inn locations and they serve up brekkie until 10:30 am midweek and 11 am at the weekend.

Can you have a Premier Inn breakfast without staying?

Yes, most Premier Inns allow you to buy breakfast as a walk-in guest. Simply present yourself to the friendly restaurant staff who will take payment and find you a suitable table for breakfast.

Does Beefeater do unlimited chips?

Who doesn’t love chips? All of Beefeater’s dishes come with unlimited chips. Just ask when you’re ready for more! Sip back and enjoy.


That was all about Beefeater Breakfast Times and what you can get at their restaurants. The timings are from 6 AM to 11 AM. After 11 AM, Beefeater lunch hours will be started.

We hope you liked this post and our information!

If you have visited there before or you are going to visit after knowing Beefeater’s breakfast menu prices, then don’t forget to give your reviews in the comment section below…

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