Absurd Bird Menu with Prices in Australia

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Absurd Bird Menu 2023 with Prices in Australia

Absurd Bird is a fast-casual dining restaurant chain in Australia that specializes in serving chicken dishes. Based in 55 Fox Hills Cres, Prospect NSW 2148, Australia, the food chain offers a range of chicken dishes from all over the globe.

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To help out with this, today we are sharing the latest Absurd Bird Menu 2023 with you. Find here the most updated Absurd Bird Prices for the entire Absurd Bird Menu, Absurd Bird Hours, Absurd Bird Coupons & Deals to save while eating out!!!

Absurd Bird Menu 2023 With Price List



Absurd Bird burgers are made from 100% chicken breast, buttermilk soaked and tossed in our secret crispy coating – served in a fluffy bun.

Madbird Buffalo
Crispy breast fillet with a Buffalo sauce, carrot slaw, blue cheese dressing, mayo, lettuce and tomato.
Nashville Hot
Fried chicken breast topped with our fiery hot sauce, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo, pickles and a crispy onion ring. The hottest of them all!
Absurd BBQ Chicken
Crispy breast fillet with awesome smoked hickory BBQ sauce, mayo, lettuce, tomato and coleslaw.
Basic Chick
2 crispy fried tenders with mayo and crunchy lettuce, served in our classic brioche.


Absurd Wings Bundle
20 crispy fried wings, 2 fries and 2 dips.
Blue Cheese | Chipotle Mayo (VE) | Buffalo (VE) | Nashville Hot (VE) | Korean BBQ (VE) | BBQ (VE) | Ranch Ketchup (VE) | Vegan Mayo (VE)


X4 Southern Fried Tenders
4 buttermilk soaked fried chicken breast tenders with your choice of dip.
Hickory Smoked BBQ Wings
Fried wings tossed in a smoked hickory BBQ sauce
Buffalo and Blue Cheese Wings 🌶🌶
Fried wings tossed in our classic hot and tangy Buffalo sauce with blue cheese dressing
Spicy Korean BBQ Wings 🌶
🌶 Fried wings tossed in our Korean BBQ sauce with red chilies, soy sauce, garlic and sesame seeds
Nashville Hot Wings 🌶🌶🌶
Fried wings tossed in Nashville hot sauce
Crispy Fried Wings
Buttermilk soaked and fried for extra crunch. Add a dip for even more flavour
X6 Southern Fried Tenders
6 buttermilk soaked fried chicken breast tenders with your choice of dip.

About Absurd Bird Menu 2023

Based in England, Absurd Bird is providing a unique blend of fried chicken, cocktails, and tunes with a profound flare in a premium, fast-casual setting since 2016. With growingpopularity and consumer trends varying, Absurd Bird quickly sought the ideal way of simplifying order and delivery methods.

Started offering a traditional dine-in eatery experience, Absurd Bird is one of the best restaurants to enjoy quick, affordable and satisfying meals. Visit the official website for more details.

Absurd Bird Menu in Australia

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